America's country real estate resource with affiliates from coast to coast.
Our historic connections to country real estate span seven decades. When we
say "No One Knows The Country Like We Do,®" you can believe us, because it's a fact!

UNITED® affiliates have sales offices located in 41 states with thousands
of outstanding country properties. Recreational, farms and ranches, business
and income properties, residential, historic homes and estates---and all of them have
exciting locations. No matter what you want to purchase, and no matter where
you want it - East, West, South or North - if it's country
UNITED® is your best real estate resource.

UNITED's® marketing program is based on successful concepts
that date back to the 1920s. Indeed, UNITED® was "country" before America
rediscovered a dream that's as old as America itself: love of the land, and
the dream of owning part of this American landscape.

UNITED® is in the business of helping people
achieve their country dreams. We are not just another real estate
company. We deal with people, not just property. In fact, we're the only
national company that specializes in helping people buy and sell country real
estate by providing services that are completely unique to the industry.

Our UNITED COUNTRY® catalog, for instance, has been in continuous
circulation since 1928. The original is now housed in the Smithsonian Institution
in Washington D.C. From its humble beginnings eight decades ago, it now reigns
supreme as the ultimate source book for people wanting to purchase country
real estate. Indeed, today, UNITED COUNTRY® is read around the world!