My name is Michael Kay. For the last twenty years, I have made my living as a self-employed businessman, promoting my own businesses as well as those of my clients.

I have served as Chairman of the Board for the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, Colorado's largest county, as well as serving on the Board of Directors of a bank where I approved or disapproved business loans.

I have a beautiful sign, crafted by Steven Rosgen in front of one of my business ventures. It has made more of a difference in name recognition than any other step I could have taken. It also, and probably most importantly, gives an immediate impression of Quality to those who pass by. If you think for a minute that the general public is not looking for quality in their purchases, then most likely your business is going to fail!

But, the signs are not just for businesses. If you are proud of your Ranch, or your Farm, or even your own 5 acre Ranchette, a sign by Steve hanging in front of your place says "this is a quality place!"

Do yourself a favor. Give Steve a call at his 800 number for a quote. It's a step that you will never regret.

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