Summer Pack Trips And Spectacular Scenery!

Summer Pack Trips range from 3 to 7 days. Each day involves riding a half day or less, with the remainder for fishing, relaxing, wildlife photography or just plain fun! We provide clean comfortable tents for evening camping. Naturally we'd do the cooking and the dishes. You do the relaxing!

A typical trip would find us leaving the lodge the first morning, and riding about 1/2 day to big Marvine Peak where we'd set up camp and have a picnic lunch in the meadow. Day two would find us at Twin Lakes after a 1/2 day ride. On day three we'd camp at Papoose Lake. On day four we'd ride out through Stillwater Canyon.

As the photographs show, the scenery is absolutely spectacular. The Flat Tops wilderness area is completely unspoiled. No motorized vehicles are allowed, and the number of horses allowed is carefully controlled by the U.S. Forest Service. This area will remain as beautiful as it is today for centuries. The loudest noise you're likely to hear could be the bugling of a bull Elk. Plan on being a part of one of our pack trips, it's an experience you will remember forever!

Here we're overlooking the Marvine Lakes. Just part of the magnificent scenery in the White River National Forest.