Some of Our Horses

Destiny was only 1 day old when we took this picture. She has grown into a fine mare and we will begin to break her for riding this year. When she becomes gentle, strong and surefooted she will join the rest of the horses we use for our guests. Our horses provide endless activities such as packing guests into a backwoods trout lake, or into the Flat Tops wilderness to photograph the magnificent wildlife, or pack into a remote camp to spend a few days in solitude! No matter your riding ability, we have the horse for you! Quality horses make a big difference. Come see for yourself. Don't forget to say 'Hi' to Destiny.

Jeff and Junior - sometimes we're not sure which is which! Actually, that's Jeff with the hat on. Jeff is a young man who comes from the Denver area each summer to help take good care of our horses and our guests. Even with 55 head of horses to look after, He still finds time to take folks on trail rides. He knows the trails as well as he knows the horses, so just tell Jeff what kind of scenery you'd like to see and he can lead you there. Whole families can enjoy an afternoon outing on horseback. Prices are much more reasonable than you might think.