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 One of the first Guestbook entries I received many years ago was from Marcy Porter, asking about Beaver's Lodge. Since then, I've searched for references to the Lodge without much success. I finally came across this Post Card and found that Jimmy Beavers Lodge was previously known as the Green Gables Court and Store. I've reproduced Porter's entry below.

 Hi: I enjoyed your page. Back in the 1950's when I was a young child, my family paid several summer visits to a friend of my Daddy who owned a motel there in Cooke City. The man's name was Jimmy Beavers, and the motel, I think, was called Beaver Lodge. It backed up to the river, as I recall, and we always stayed in one of the end units that looked back across the mountain. There was a restaurant next door to the motel, and the owners had a little girl about my age. We played down by the river.In the mid-70's, my husband and I and our then-only son visited Cooke City again, but we didn't stay there that time. At that time, I thought I found the place where we used to stay, but I think only about half of it was still there, and I was told there had been a fire years before.As a child, I was fascinated by the general store in Cooke City, because of all the different kinds of items it offered. I think that was just across the street, maybe a bit catty-corner to the motel. The man who ran it at the time wrote my name in calligraphy. Being from a small Texas town, that was the first time I had ever seen anyone do calligraphy. I have many happy memories of visits there, but as you can tell, time has faded the details. I just feel a pleasant glow when I think about it. The whole area is so beautiful. I was in awe of the Beartooth. The first time we drove over it, my Daddy let out an audible gasp, at one point, having just gotten his first glimpse of Pilot and Index Peaks. It seems he had had a picture, actually of the very scene he was then looking at, on the wall in his office because he thought they were so beautiful, but he had never really been sure where they were. I would like to visit again someday soon. Do you know anything about the Beaver Lodge, or if any part of it is still standing today? Is there another lodging of some sort in that approximate location? I would love to stand by that river and look back at that mountain again. Or maybe I've just put that image together in my head! I'm sure it's all changed after all these years, too, but it is such a pretty picture in my mind's eye.Thank you for your time in reading this note, and for the time it took to put this page together! Marcy Porter 

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