Mary Margaret Curl


 The following story is one of the most exciting additions ever made to this site. It is a story written by a 18 year old girl who moved to Cooke City when she was 9 months old (1899). Her collection of photographs and her description of early life in Cooke City is priceless. Her name is Mary Margaret Curl. Her father owned and operated the Curl House Hotel in Cooke City. This material is copyrighted and provided by Mary Margaret Curl's Family in a .pdf format

  ME, a Story By Mary Margaret Curl

Mary's Train, and Conductor Clark
Mary does not mention dates in her tribute to Horn Miller. One would guess that she left Cooke City to attend school in Absorokee around 1909 - 1911. She traveled by stage to Gardiner, then by train to Livingston where "Conductor Clark" made certain that she transferred to the correct train which would take her to Columbus. The Northern Pacific Railroad Historical Association provided the following photograph showing the same train Mary rode on her journey. NP 418 is the result of a photo session at Cinnabar MT by F. Jay Haynes at the request of Conductor J.J. Clark at the Park Branch terminus. Mary mentions Conductor Clark It is believed he is standing closest to the front of the locomotive. The original train spur leaving Livingston toward Yellowstone was stopped due to problems with right of way. A station, post office and small town called Cinnabar was formed at the terminus. Cinnabar, MT was dismantled in 1903 following the dedication of the Roosevelt Arch in Gardiner.


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