Hunting The White River

Meeker has long been known as a hunter's paradise. The Deer herds of the 70's and 80's are legendary. After two mild winters our Elk herds are expanding like wildfire!
Anyone who has visited Meeker in the past knows that during the 70's and 80's, Mule Deer were so thick in this area that a hunter never considered taking a 4 point buck unless it was the last afternoon in the season.
While it is true that we currently do not have as many deer as we did then, a hunter would be hard pressed to find an area that has more deer than Meeker.
Add in our exploding Elk herd, and I think we can still say that there's no finer place to hunt in the entire state of Colorado.

Nearly 75% of Rio Blanco County is public land, maintained by either the National Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management. Access to the public land is not difficult if you plan ahead. Contact the NFS at 1-970-878-4039. BLM at 1-970-878-3601. Maps are available for individual areas.

OUTFITTERS A professional Outfitter can make your hunt a very pleasant experience. The cost varies widely, depending upon services offered. All outfitters must be licensed.

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