What is it?

Happy99.exe is technically a virus, but because of it's non-destructive properties, it is referred to as a "Worm".

  How Do You Get It?

Happy99.exe is attached to an e-mail message. The sender is not aware that they have sent you the file. If you open the file you see a display of fireworks as shown on the left.

 Why has it spread so fast?

The "Worm" has spread fast because we are now getting used to receiving .exe files by e-mail. They show cartoons and other things that entertain us. And, happy99.exe is being transferred by friends who have no idea they are doing it.

What does it Do?

The file attaches itself to your e-mail program, and creates a second message to the same recipient each time you send e-mail.

It does not destroy any files on your machine, rather it intends to overtax mail servers.

How Do I get Rid of It?

Download the "Happycleaner" file below to your hard drive. Use Windows Exporer to open the file and follow simple directions. 771kb