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 I am now 60 years old.and was in Cooke City in 1963.I sat on a old wooden side walk and swore I would return...I wanted to become a ranger or a park guide at the time.anyways I sat on that old beautiful wooden walk and cried my eyes out at the beauty I was looking at. Every body knows how time goes by...and now I'm returning with my wife this spring. I've been all through Canada. .Mexico. .Caribbean. .and the good old USA. I have to show my wife the beauty of. Cooke City, Montana before I pass I will never forget Cooke City. Excuse my text spelling this stuff is all new for a grandpa now..GO See COOKE.... Herland Reyonalds

 My mother was a niece of May and Ray Scholtz, the owners/builders of the Whispering Pine Cabins. Our family made three trips during the early 60’s to Montana and stayed several days at Whispering Pines. We enjoyed wading in the creek (the water was so very cold, even in July), hiking in the woods, looking for wildlife, and just having fun. We were in awe when Uncle Ray showed us his snowshoes that he used to get around in the winter. Aunt May told us stories of how rough life was during the “early years”. The life they lived was hard, but as a child, I remember them being happy. Pete Huetson

  I'm sorry to hear of the passing of Vince Mus well. I knew him well He worked as a carpenter on the bridge at Tower junction in the summer of 1962 where I was a laborer. The Mus Rest Motel was already built at that time. We carpooled using my car and Vince bought the gas at Harvey Hansen's Texaco Sstation in Silvergate. If my faulty memory serves me, his brother's name is Ray. I have a very vague memory of a story that was told to me as fact back in the '50s about a cook in a restaurant in Cooke City back in the 40s. It seems she weighed over 300 pounds and once, each summer, she would climb to the top of Republic Mountain for reasons that she kept to herself. Have you ever heard this story?
I also remember nights partying at the Switchback Bar and the Range Rider Lodge in Silver Gate. I remember Elmer and Garnet (nee Vincelette) Larsen who owned the Switchback and Phil Nelles
playing the accordian and singing every night at the Switchback. I came back to visit in about 1965 with my wife. We camped in the Chief Joseph Campground and met Forest Ranger Joe Israel
and renewed my friendship with Grace (nee Hoosier) Anderson. I wonder if any of the Guestbook correspondents remember any of these people. If so, please let us know. John Burnett

 Hello--Please post this in the Cooke City Guestbook. My name is John Burnett, currently living in Porter, Indiana. I worked in the (old) Haynes Store at Tower Falls in Yellowstone in 1956 & 1957. I worked various construction jobs in the Park in subsequent seasons, finally on the then new bridge over the Yellowstone River in the summer of 1962 when I lived in Cooke City. I rented a tiny cabin from Mr. Holt who owned the laundry. I remember spending my liesure time in the Hoosier Bar, becoming acquainted with Grace Anderson, her mother and Bina. I ate several meals at Mary Holt's cafe. This question is for Bob Dorf, a frequent contributor to this Guestbook. Are you Bobby Dorf, the son of Dr. Erling Dorf of Princeton University? If so, we have met a few times. I dated a waitress at Roosevelt Lodge where Dr. D. always stayed and got to know him quite well and saw him several times over the years at Cooke City. If you are indeed THAT Bob Dorf, please let me know, either by email or in the pages of this Guestbook. John Burnett

 Just looking at all the webcams and wanted to wish EVERYBODY in Cooke City a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year... Love Denise, Homestead, FL

 My name is David A Conley, I live on Guemes Island, WA in the San Juan Islands. In 1935 I was 6 years old, I was traveling with my Family, from Collage Point Long Island, NY to Seattle, WA,, Brother Philip Jr., Mother, Ida and Father Philip R Conley Sr. We were driving in a 1930 Model "A" Ford ,2 door Sedan. We drove over "COOK MOUNTAIN PASS", it was a Switchback road, back and forth, across the Steep Mountain side.
My Brother, Philip, 9 years old then, had to hold the Gearshift Lever in 2nd gear, as it kept popping out of gear as my Father drove up the steep mountain side. I have searched for this Mountain Pass on maps and on the WEB, but have not found any record of it. Could it be that the road is now re-graded or re-routed, renamed??
I am not sure of the Spelling "COOK", or "COOKE" Can you help me solve this riddle, "WHAT HAPPENED TO COOKE MOUNTAIN PASS/" DAVID A CONLEY

 I just spent the night in Cooke City the second week of August which was forty years from the first time I spent a night there as a teenager crossing the country with friends. My brother Pete and I had a ball in the pool located in the basement of the Soda Butte Lodge back in 1970,but I saw that it is now closed permanently. Anyway, my best to you all in Cooke City and thanks for the many fond memories!
Patrick L. Johnson
East Amherst, New York

 My wife and I worked in Yellowstone back in ’98 & ’99 at Roosevelt (where we met as a matter of fact). We used to drive to Cooke City to what was then called the Pine Tree café for a banana milkshake. They were the best banana milkshakes in the entire world, and I have yet to find one that is even close to the same taste. We actually used to call them “better than bad sex” milkshakes (they weren’t quite good enough to be better than good sex). Do you have any idea if that café is still in business, and what the name might be, if it has changed? All I know was that it was on the left as you came into town from the Park. Any info you have would sure be neat. Thanks, Tyler

 Anyone recall the Three Bears Drive Inn? Between 1961 and 1973 (with the exception of 1964 which was spent in the Panama Canal Zone), I was fortunate to spend at least two weeks of each summer in that wonderful portion of the world, most of it between Cooke City and the Pebble Creek Campground in Yellowstone N.P. One tale in particular (from July of 1971, my high school graduation year) stands out in my memory. My two brothers (Steve & Tom) and I, along with three (Tony, David, & Erick) of our mutual friends (the total age discrepancy of the pack was less than four years) jumped into my '64 VW van and left our home town of Sidney (Montana, on the Yellowstone River about 2 miles from the Dakota border - a 400 mile run I had driven many times) and headed up to Yellowstone N.P. for a weekend camping trip; that glorious summer weekend stretched it into pair, along with the week between them. Michael Turner

 Once again I say Hello to the Good People of Cooke City and wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year. I will hopefully get back there one day, but in the meantime I so enjoy viewing via the webcams, (of which I do at least twice a week), so please keep those going. Looks beautiful today!! Stay warm and safe, Denise, Homestead, Florida :~)

 My name is Bill Windle and I worked the North East Entrance in the early 70s under Marv Miller. I love this special place and have gone back to fish and hike for 11 years. Now for the first time I will be leaving tomorrow to take my sixteen year old son to show him Gods country. I took two close childhood friends Bruce and Andy and now they are addicted to fly fishing and to the country. A funny story!---I told Pat the owner of the Bear tooth Café a true story. Bruce my friend gets in trouble and has arguments with his wife each year that we go. So I gave him my advice. Bruce instead of having a little argument each year we go have one (giant argument) and tell her you are coming to Cooke each year for the rest of your life!------That is how we think of this beautiful area. Some day God willing I hope to become a resident. Names and people and things I remember George and Annie Heman from Silver Gate and George taught me a great deal about fly fishing and he tied the best Salmon fly’s around. I remember a sad day when a young man was killed in a mine accident. His Dad and Mom were neat people and owned the Soda Butte Lodge as I worked the radio at the gate. I remember talking to a wonderful young man and his wife and they were on a bike trip going towards Red Lodge and the man had a terrible accident and was left paralyzed later to recover as he was taken off the highway by helicopter.I love to see everyone at the Beartooth Café and My wife use to work for Ralph and Sue at the Cooke city store more neat people! --- Warren Patten use to work with me and he drove the School bus to Gardner each day. Anyway I love this place!-I think it is really a TYPE OF MEDICINE! - Bill.Windle

 I see you have started a web site about Cooke City. One of the most memorable couples that owned the store that Mary Blaine is located in now, was Bill and Lenore Gail. I had the pleasure of helping Bill with the store for many years. I first arrived in 1970 and kept going back until 1994 when Bill began to lose his health. He passed away in 1998. I miss them dearly. He survived his wife and ran the store the best he could by himself. I see you have a picture of the store on your web site. I wondered what happened to it after his death in "98". I had heard that Bernie died next door at the trading post. Does his wife still run the store? As you can tell, I have so many questions. I haven't been back since "94". I wonder if you could update me or know someone who could? Robert McDaniel In memory of Bill and Lenore Gail Gail's Treasure shop

 Hey all in Cooke City. Capt.Russ from Islamorada, Florida Keys. Could not make it out last fall to wrangle with the Cutthroat and drink Moose Drool. A pal and I will be driving out this year. Have never camped, but will this time. Hope to get a site at Slough Creek CG or Pebble Creek. I can not wait for some fresh water and shade, as it is miserable hot here in the keys. Should be pulling into Cooke City by August 27th or so and stay til the third week in September. When it gets too cool we will be at the Antlers Inn and desperately seeking Susan at the Exxon for coffee in the mornings before standing in a river waving a stick. Find me and I will make you a Key Lime Pie special. Thank gosh we "saved the beartooths" Russ

 Hi, I was just on the webcams getting my usual connection with Cooke City and wanted to say Hello to the Good People of Cooke City, Montana, which is my most favorite places. I have a friend who will be riding through on his motorcycle down Highway 212 at the end of July or beginning of August this year. I have ask him to please call me so I can long on to the webcams and see him there waving to me!! And hopefully he will pick up a shirt or two from the Trading Post, as mine are getting a little worn!! Anyway, HELLO COOKE CITY, I hope you all have a great summer, :o) Denise, Homestead, Florida.

 My name is Elijah Arnlund better known as Eli. I am the grandson of both, Patricia and Darrell Crabb, and Virginia and Wayne McCracken. I lived up there for the first at least 6 years of my life between 82-88 I know i was up there for the fires but i cant remember much past that. I was just in town for the first time in 14 years. You guys still have my heart up there it is just amazing. I got out of the car and the air brought back memories. I just want to tell everyone that your lucky to live up there and I wish i could also. I also wanted to update you on my grandfather. Darrell is in the hospital again and recovering quickly. His leukemia is back again attacking his body in different ways. Please everyone pray for him.

 The morning of July 11th we all woke up to a flock of flamingos that had landed in town. They were perched along main street in various places. There were even some sitting on the Cooke City sign. We have no idea how they got here but I will say one thing for them. They brought the first rainless day in quite a while and signaled perhaps a start to summer in Cooke City. Robert W


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My name is Bill Windle and I worked the North East Entrance in the early 70s under Marv Miller. I love this special place and have gone back to fish and hike for 11 years. Now for the first time I will be leaving tomorrow to take my sixteen year old son to show him Gods country. I took two close childhood friends Bruce and Andy and now they are addicted to fly fishing and to the country. A funny story!---I told Pat the owner of the Bear tooth Café a true story. Bruce my friend gets in trouble and has arguments with his wife each year that we go. So I gave him my advice. Bruce instead of having a little argument each year we go have one (giant argument) and tell her you are coming to Cook each year for the rest of your life!-------------That is how we think of this beautiful area. Some day God willing I hope to become a resident. Names and people and things I remember George and Annie Heman from Silver Gate and George taught me a great deal about fly fishing and he tied the best Salmon fly’s around. I remember a sad day when a young man was killed in a mine accident. His Dad and Mom were neat people and owned the Soda Butte Lodge as I worked the radio at the gate. I remember talking to a wonderful young man and his wife and they were on a bike trip going towards Red Lodge and the man had a terrible accident and was left paralyzed later to recover as he was taken off the highway by helicopter.---------------I love to see everyone at the Bear tooth Café and My wife use to work for Ralph and Sue at the Cook city store—more neat people! ---The Warren Patten who use to work with me and he also drove the School bus to Gardner each day. Anyway I love this place!-I think it is really a TYPE OF MEDICINE!------------Bill Windle.

Hello, I am so glad that I found your site. I was reminiscing about the time I spent in Cooke City. My parents owned a ranch in the sunlight basin “rawhide ranch camps” in the 70’s and 80’s. Every summer we used to come up to Cooke to the Elkhorn and listen to Beef Lips. I had a cassette of theirs at one time, but cannot seem to find it. Do you know how I could either reach them get a new tape? Are they still performing in Cooke City? We loved it there, I miss the area, but reading some of the notes people have left, it doesn’t seem to have changed! That is wonderful. Sincerely, Andy Deveraux Jones

Where do I begin? I was reading all these wonderful posts and i can remember my trip to Cooke City like it was yesterday. I had never been to Montana, In the snow or the mountains for that part. I went to Cooke for an Owner Operator snowmobile conference. I knew when i landed in Billings that i was home, I drove to Cooke like I'd been there a million times. The people were awesome, I stayed at the Alpine, great service and great rooms. Rick and Susan at the EXXON were the best. Im sure i was the most excited sled renter that whole weekend. I have never been in the snow like that , i hear that there was 102 inches? The mountains were breathtaking. The views were unforgettable. The group i was with were more than happy to watch over me and make sure i wasn't lost in the woods. The town of Cooke was very friendly and i will cherish every moment i had there. I yearn to go back and would do so again in a heartbeat. It was an experience of a lifetime.Thanks Cooke City, your little town has touched my soul, I hope to return soon.
Maggie Stone, Missouri - feb 27 - march 2 2009 sometimes u just have to punt.

Friends and I bunked in Cooke City last September for a few nights. We stayed at The Alpine Motel.......clean place, good heating system and plenty of hot water. This May, I (we) shall be coming back for 5 or 6 days and going to stay with the folks at The Elkhorn Lodge. So looking forward to visiting the area in May. Do hope to see wildlife emerging....especially those grizzlies with their babies. If anyone should read this and have any ideas on places to go to spot the bears, wolves, etc....please feel free to email me. Also was wandering if a drive up Daisy Pass Road would be possible in May.......or maybe to much snow? (We will be flying into Jackson and are renting a 4WD SUV.) Have a great day! Deb Fuchs Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland

Hello Cooke City,Great medium here, i love reading the posts from past residents, workers, visitors to the cooke city area. I worked in your great town back in '88. I worked at the All Seasons Inn (my cousin and his wife owned it back then, actually Darrell is my second cousin so i probably had it a little easier than some but still worked my tail off. ) and i also worked for the forest service transporting fire fighters that were fighting the fires outside of town and into Yellowstone Park. Is the All Seasons Inn still in business? I havent been back to town since the fires got the best of me and i came back home to iowa but will be visisting again sometime for sure. a friend of mine is heading out in a few weeks for snowmobiling so im sure i will make a trip soon as well. if anyone reads this that worked for Darrel or Pat Crabb back in '88 feel free to email me. cant wait to visit again, its an awesome place. I'll never forget the good times and people in cooke city
Chip Fenn Deloit, Iowa

I just read all of the posts here and it was bringing up an important part of my past life I will never forget. Even made me a litttle teary eyed. I was a dishwasher at Ma Perkins Cafe. I beleive it was between 1969 to 1971. My memory is not very good now days. I started working building a fence for a man who I believe is the gentleman you call Gene Wade. Is he the one that ran the Post Office? I worked at Ma Perkins Cafe (sure wish I could remember the lady who cooked there at that time). I lived in a little cabin on the left side of Ma Perkins. I remember the waitresses lived in a large trailer just behind the cafe. I really wish I could remember their names. If anyone remembers me please let me know. I remember going to Range Riders (if this is the bar that had live music in Silvergate on the weekends). This was the most wonderful time of my life, which I will never forget. John Lindh

Hello to Cooke City and its wonderful people and history. After being fortunate enough to visit there twice,
I go to the website and view the web cams and the guest book when I need an uplift and can feel the connection. I found two entries that so inspired me today. One was from Melissa Sipley and her family's trip to the area and connecting with her son, Charlie via the dragonfly, how wonderful for you and your family. The other was from Cindy Alston and her Grandmother, Mary Louise Hansen and the joy it brought her to connect with Cooke City. I am sure you all know what a wonderful place it is that you live in, it is both a piece of paradise and heaven, it can inspire and it can heal through the people and nature that surround it. Take care and please keep those web cams going, as they are my only connection for now and apparently I am not the only one. I am going to get back there one day, if not in body, then in spirit!! I hope that Cooke City remains the healing and inspirational place that it has always been and continues to serve mankind that way and without spoiling the surrounding nature and beauty. Have a Great Day, thanks, Denise Webb, Homestead, FL

I rode my motorcycle through Cooke City this summer. I was on a westward pilgrimage to ride on Robert Pirsig's (author of Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance) route. I rode up through the BT pass from Red Lodge and had brunch in town. It was an amazing ride in an unusual summer of weird weather. Even though I am from Canada, riding through the 15 foot deep snow on the summit (July 1st ) was a first (pun unintended). The name of the cafe/restaurant was not printed on my receipt but I am quite sure that the location was the same place you describe as Ma Perkins Cafe. I actually parked my bike about where the white Caddy appears in your picture of the Cafe. Your description says, "it was recently turned into a Grocery store" though so I am not sure. Is it possible that it has been resurrected as a Restaurant/Cafe again? Sure would like to know the name if so. I am writing a story for a magazine about the trip and I'd love to be able to plug the location. Can you help? Thanks. I wish I had spent more time there but I expect to be back. Marc Boileau

Gotta love where you live! I envy anyone who has the pleasure of living near Yellowstone and Cooke City. I worked at Mammoth the summer of 2001 with our oldest daughter, Karen. She was graduating that December from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC, and we wanted to have a summer adventure together. We had a wonderful summer living in the Terraces (employee housing) at Mammoth. She was my summer tour guide since she had worked at Mammoth back in 1998. My husband and I made the trip to Yellowstone the summer of 2007 and he loved it, too. My most favorite place to stay in Yellowstone are the Rough Rider cabins at Roosevelt Lodge. Of course, we couldn’t visit Yellowstone without a trip to Cooke City and we had a delightful lunch there. I check the Cooke City webcam several times a year to see what’s happening on the main street. Seeing the pics makes me want to jump on a plane and head that way. Have a great winter season. Marsha Fleenor

 Dear all, I finally had the chance to make another return trip to Cooke this summer. What a treat to take two grandsons along. We used West Yellowstone for a few days as a base to see the sights of Yellowstone with the wide eyes of a 5 and 7 year old. Even saw a grizzly and of course all the wonderful mud pots and geysers. We had arranged ahead of time to visit Cooke for a day and night in order to stop by Dorf Lake above The Top of The World Store, but the snow in late June was still too deep. We returned to Cooke to enjoy a great dinner and visit with Bill and Betty Sommers. We also enjoyed telling lies and laughing about the old days over Betty’s great sourdough pancakes the next morning. Their kitchen looks over the town so we could stand on the deck and reminisce. The two boys were entertained by the colorful language and great company. I didn’t get a chance to see Vicki or Rick, because both of them were out of town. Makes for a good excuse to go back with the other two grandchildren. We brought back some of Betty’s sourdough starter and have Sunday Pancakes with the boys and they refer to them as “Bill and Betty cakes.” I was pleased to see that Yellowstone is coming back great and the wildlife was wonderful. While in West, I inquired of the whereabouts of my old friend Dick Hargrove. That was the last place that I had seen he and his wife Nancy, but all I could find out was that he had moved to Bozeman at some point. Upon my return, I heard from a third party that Dick had passed away, but I didn’t get the particulars. I did get an email for Nancy, but didn’t get a reply to verify the rumor. His parents owned the Motel next to the Range Rider’s Lodge, for years. For anyone interested, there is a brief note on some of my early memories, farther down in the Guest Book. I’m still working in Colorado and would welcome emails from anyone. Bob Dorf  

Is the Bear Tooth Cafe still around??????? I loved it there....ate many meals and drank much coffee. I worked in Yelllowstone and a bunch of my immediate friends worked in Cooke. Anyone know where George McCormick ended up????? Thanks!!
Stacey Gould

I have been browsing your site and enjoying it very much. As yet, I have never visited Cooke City, however, my grandfather was Nick Tredennick the miner who is mentioned quite often in the history books of Cooke City. He, unfortunately, lost his life in the mine. My grandmother, Helen Tredennick was the teacher in the one room school house. My grandfather began mining some time in the 1870's, I think. My grandmother was the teacher around 1910 to 1920. I am willing to share any of the history that I know with anyone who may have an interest. I would also be interested in hearing from anyone who has any further knowledge of my grandparents. They were an interesting couple. My grandfather was 30 years older than my grandmother. I presume that was quite a story back then! My grandfather was 62, I believe, when my mother was born and she was the oldest of three children. That accomplishment is noteworthy in its own right.

I worked for Mary Holt in Cooke City the summer of 1956 and for Al Caulk in Silver Gate the summer of 1957 and I loved every minute of it. Bill and Betty Sommers if you are still alive and kicking a hearty hello to you and yours. Kathleen (Kitsie) Probandt

I have a wonderful story to share with you for the guestbook if you like. Once a week I visit my grandmother at her nursing home. Recently we visited about her early life and she talked about working in Cooke city for an entire summer in the 1940's. On the next visit I took my laptop and we went through your site and the guestbook. Grandma loved the web cams although she had a difficult time picking out the old from the new. She loved the old postcards. She did much better remembering names of some of the old timers like Nick Babiluk, the Soderholms, Sam Brady, Olive Nordquist and Ma (Maude) Perkins. She worked for the folks who owned the Home Comfort Cafe. Their name was Vans. She had trouble remembering their names, saying, "to a sixteen year old girl, they were Mr. and Mrs. Van" She thinks his name was Bill. He also operated a gas station and repair garage. Anyway, you mentioned somewhere that you had a menu from the 40's from the Home comfort cafe and you would post it but we couldn't find it. We would be so pleased to see it if you could send us a photo of it by email or tell us how to find it online it would be great.I thank you for the laughter and tears of joy this site brought to my grandma. Her name then was Mary Louise Hansen. Cindy Alston

Hi, This is Jay Nubson. My wife Cheryl and I owned the Parkview Cabins in Silver Gate from 86 to 96. We loved our time there. It was just time for us to get the boys Kyle and Colter into a bigger school system. So we left but we sure miss the good old days. I enjoyed being active in EMS, search and rescue, Fire dept. We go back to visit every couple of years usually to snowmobile in March. The last few years we have been taking the Harley there just to say hi I can't make it this March I have a commitment in Florida and I just cant do both. Kyle is in school in Daytona Beach Florida attending Embry Riddle university Colter is in Bozeman at MSU. Both are doing well and growing up. Jay and Cheryl Nubson

My husband and I have always thought it to be important that our children love and cherish the great wilderness areas of this Country. Living in the Northeast we had travelled with our kiddos from Maine to NH to the Adirondacks of NY (where we reside) to the Shenandoah Valley of VA. Hiking, camping and backpacking since the kiddos have been little has been our favorite pasttime. Dreaming of travelling out West to see the Rockies and finally planned a trip to Yellowstone and Cooke City in July of 2004. On June 26, 2004 our oldest son was with his Uncle and cousin going to buy new skateboards when an irresponsible reckless driver turned directly into the path of the van he was in. Our 10 year old son Charlie was killed instantly. A couple of years passed and our then 9 year old son patrick asked, "Mom, Dad do you think maybe we could make that trip to Yellowstone?" My husband and I didnt know if it was something we could do since it was a trip that Charlie had so looked forward to. Then on June 2 of 2007 we packed up Patrick(10), Emma (3) and Brayden (18 months) and headed West. It was the best decision we ever made. The trip was unforgettable. We stayed at Antlers Lodge in Cooke City...the cabin was a bit rustic, but the owners were so nice and the kiddos so enjoyed their dogs...especially Jackson the big Saint Bernard since we had left our giant mastiffs home in Upstate NY. We had a flat tire on our brand new truck our first morning and the folks at the Exxon had it fixed in no time (we needed to patch it so we had a spare for the long trip home). The owners at Buns N Beds made us great sandwiches for our trips into the park and we looked forward to the great BBQ every night. The little store in Silver Gate provided us with excellent fresh baked cookies every morning and a beautiful photograph of a dragonfly that reminded us of our son Charlie. The trip brought us all closer together as a family and we were lucky enough to spend 2 weeks in the Yellowstone/Teton area. It was spectacular and most importantly we felt like Charlie was there with us....even if it was only in spirit. I am now returning to school to pursue a degree in Environmental Science/Wildlife Biology and we hope in a few years we may be calling Cooke City/SilverGate home even if it is only for a few months a year. We could never thank the folks of Cooke City enough for allowing us to take a trip that was so heartwrenching and yet so healing to their spectacular, peaceful corner of the world. Melissa Sipley

Hello to the good citisens of Cook City. I visit Cook last summer and wish I can come back sometimes. I am sitting in Norway with great memories from Yellowstone, Larry(old times photo), the citisens of Cook and memories from other places a visit during my three weeks vacansion in Montana. Regards Kåre Solbakken
Fåvang, NORWAY

 Hello to the Good People of Cooke City, I am sitting here in South Florida at a warm 85 degrees (which does not make it feel anything like Christmas time!!!). I am looking at the webcams for the Exxon Station and the Soda Butte Lodge, what a beautiful view from the Soda Butte Lodge. I hope to one day see Cooke City this time of the year. My family and me have only been there in mid July and late September. I want to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful Happy and Safe New Year. I love Cooke City, Montana, please keep your webcams going for those of us who can't get back there often enough. Thanks, Denise, Homestead, Florida.

This evening I have spent hours reading the wonderful stories and memories stored in this guestbook. I too have such fond memories of Cooke City and the time spent there in the late 70's and early 80's. I haven't been back to Cooke since 1987, and I can't tell you how I appreciate this site and the great web cams. Something I remember so well is how the stars at night seem to be so close you can almost reach out and touch them. Reminds me of how we used to say Cooke was the closest place to heaven. Barbara Terrell, Fort Smith AR.

 You know that Cooke city must be a special place if one is willing to drive 1500 miles one way each summer. That is exactly what we have done for what will be our 15th summer trip to Cooke City. We understand that temperatures have been hotter than normal and the fishing has been restricted in many of the Yellowstone streams. We hope this situation will be remedied by late September when we arrive for our 15th visit. Regardless, we are coming anyway. For it is more than just fly fishing that attracts us here. As a professional aviator, I get to see a lot of neat places in this country, but none has had the magnetism that the Beartooth Plateau, Yellowstone, and the Absoroka Mountains have had on us. And Cooke City is the perfect base camp from which to enjoy this marvelous wonderland. Gerlie Weinstein and the Alpine Motel continue to be our hosts each year, and this year will be no exception. Looking forward to another trip of a lifetime to your great little oasis. Marc and Patricia Niebergall, Richardson, TX. 8-4-07

 My husband and I were visiting Yellowstone and spent the night at the High Country Motel in your lovely town. I was very pleased at how comfortable we were and how lovely all the people we met were to us. We ate at a small restaurant just down the block and had the best Salmon I’ve ever eaten. Then we sat outside our cabin with other visitors and just watched the stars come out. It was so wonderful being in such a lovely place, especially after having driven from Texas. I hope one day to return and visit again. Mary Wilkerson

 Hello,my name is Michael.I have been to your little town five or six times.I just love it there.My next trip there will be in 2008. The people are so great there and the food is perfect. The mountains are my passion so I will visit Cooke City till the day I pass. PS: Don't post my email address,please.........Thank you.

 I ran across your blog and web site for Cooke City. I have not been back to Cooke in far too long and am looking forward to returning this July with my dad. Let me take a step back. My name is Patrick and I am
one of Ed Weydt's 5 grand children. As a child, I spent a lot of time in the Cabin that Ed and his son, Andy (my father) built behind the Exxon station. When Ed was in good health, I relished taking Jeep rides to Lake Abundance, Little Saw Tooth, Island Lake, etc. with Grandpa and my dad and then head into the Park for some ribs at Roosevelt Lodge. In your blog, you mentioned that you documented some of my Grandpa's stories before he passed. If you have electronic copies of those stories, I would love to have a copy for my family. I know that my sister and brother would love one as well. I am glad that I found your web site and blog. I will be monitoring them to keep up with events in Cooke from now on. Patrick Weydt

Oh my Gosh, what a wonderful sight. My aunt and uncle; Bill and Eileen Brown, worked summers at Cooke City. Bill managed the Cooke Pass gas station where they lived and Eileen cooked at the Anvil Inn while Don Ellis owned it. They loved Cooke City and all it’s residents and retold so many stories of Cooke and shared so many beautiful photographs. Eventually my mother said we have to see this for ourselves and we jumped in the family car and headed west to Cooke City from Minnesota. What a vacation that was. I was a teenager and had so much fun dancing (and drinking) at the Range Riders and met so many people. We continued our annual trek from the 60’s into the 70’s. Eileen also enticed my grandmother; through her beautiful descriptions of the area, into a visit to Cooke. She packed her paints and her dog and drove to Cooke City from Anoka, Minnesota. She loved the area and people so much she ended up renting the room above the post office and staying the summer. Her name was Theodora Brown and did watercolors of the area and sold them from the Anvil Inn. She would send letters from Cooke with the envelopes decorated with paintings of the people and landscapes of Cooke. Because of all those summers in Cooke City I was determined to live in Montana when I grew up! I kept my promise and went to college in Bozeman and now reside in Fort Benton, Montana. I just found out Don Ellis is in town, just down the street! What a small world. Anyone who shares memories of these same places and times please e-mail me at [email protected] . Paulette Farwick

Last September my husband and I visited Yellowstone and at the end of a long days journey we had the pleasure of staying in your lovely town. We stayed in your new Super 8 Motel which was a very pleasant stay. The town was quite interesting and historical. Since it was at the closing of the season nothing was open but the one restaurant. The food was good as well as the friendly people. The trip thru Beartooth Mountains was just as beautiful as we were told it would be. You truly do live in GOD'S COUNRTY. We live in the Florida Panhandle so it was very different counrty from what we live in. I would recommend this trip to any of my friends. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and a chance to see your world.
Rose and Jody Johnson, De Funiak Springs, Florida [email protected] . . MST

My husband and I have snowmobiled in Cooke City two or three times and it's one of our favorite places to come. We have been snowmbiling for 12 years and we're from North Carolina. We were there in 2006 and experienced the most snow ever. Had a great time. Cooke City is one of our most favorite places to visit and I check the Exxon Web Cam almost every day to see what's happening. Can't wait to come back. We're coming out in June/July on a camping trip and if we have time we will visit your little city. Please do not publish my e-mail but I look forward to reading more about your visitors. Helen Young, J.E. Young MST

Man was I glad to find your website. I spent 8 summers in Cooke City from 1985 to 1993, Thanks to my dear departed friend Barbara Holley. She worked there at a gift shop for 13 years starting around 1980. She took me to all the special places it took her 13 years to see. We did it in 2 weeks. So I naturally had to go back each year and see more. She and I would backpack up into the Beartooths and stay for 3-4 days. Fish and just enjoy the clean air and beautiful scenery. When i read some of the entries in the guest book i could have cried. I met Mort and Betty and Exxon Jeff. Jeff fixed a flat on our pop-up one time. I met so many people I can't remember their names. A man called Beno was our guide to Albino Lake one time. Man what a trip. I thought I was going to meet my maker on that one. I know I sat down at one point and said,"I'm a computer operator from Kansas City, Mo. what in the hell am i doing up here" I thought Barbara was going to croak. Any way I will never forget Cooke City as long as I live. My dear friend Barbara passed away 9-11-2001. She fought a long battle with cancer. But I have pictures and memories of all our trips. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers Her. Love ya Cooke City. . . . Donna Moore e-mail [email protected]

In 1961 I worked at the Roosevelt Lodge near Cooke City. My friends and I would drive (or hitchhike) to Cooke City for a little excitement. By July, my friend Mary Stevens and I moved over to Cooke City and worked at various jobs for the remainder of the summer. I returned in 62, 64 and 65. I am so happy to see many of the folks I knew listed on your website. I remember Sam Brady and Betty very fondly. I knew Jack Williams prettyy well and we'd talk fishing, but didn't know he was an artist at the time. He got to where he'd tell me good fishing spots, but he would tell other folks different spots because he didn't want too many folks over fishing his good spots. I saw Tommy the hermit many times, but never spoke with him.
Stan Garner Sunday, Jan 28, 2007 at 07:14 MST
In 1982, My family was headed for Cooke City. We had been staying in Yellowstone As we left Silver Gate toward Cooke City, the car in front of us made a fast stop. Looking up the road a short distance we could see an automobile accident. My daddy walked up and helped. He came back with tears in his eyes and said some young people had been killed. In Cooke City the entire town was mourning for it turned out to be people who lived there. Every direction you could turn there were tears. My mother sat up most of the night with me as I cried out of fear as well as compassion. I learned that a young girl had died in the accident. I gave her the name of Patty and prayed for her over the years as if she had been a close friend. If anyone could tell me her real name I would be very greatful. Note. Linda has legitimate reasons for blocking her email address, and I promised to forward any information received on this subject. MKay
Linda Bailey Wednesday, Dec 20, 2006 at 11:44 MST
 I was lucky enough to meet Bob Dorf this summer while hiking above Beartooth Lake on our pilgrimage to Cooke City and the Beartooths! He was hiking out north of the firetower! The volunteer at the firetower said that this was his third hike in two weeks! Wow. I am still caught off guard when locals call Crandall Sunlight as he did in his note to you earlier this year. The sign off highway 212 says Sunlight but only to turn in you in the right direction—not to name the Crandall area. I was lucky enough to live in Sunlight Basin in the late 60’s and earlier 70’s when a trip to Cooke City was an hour on the dirt or mud road! Sorry to hear of Steve’s and Pat’s death. Hard loss to families and community. Bev DeVore-Wedding
In early September, 1968, disinchanted with the "love in" mentality which was quickly turning to crime in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district I decided to hitch hike home to Indiana. Fully realizing I would be busy making reparations at home for my actions over the last few years, I decided to make a side trip through Yellowstone. I stopped at the Cooke City Store penniless, hungry and dirty. A woman and her brother ran the store at the time. I will never forget the kindness I received after offering to work for a few groceries. Immediately I realized that here in this tiny Montana town I had found the love and respect for others that evaded me in California. I have never been back to cooke city. Life seems to take you where it wants, but the memory of the kindness I received there will guide me forever in my dealings with others.
Sam Hayes Tuesday, Oct 24, 2006 at 10:26 MST
I'm trying to track down some infromation on Olive Mary Kiley, who I believe was married to Lawrence Nordquist of 'L bar T' fame back in the 1930's (I may be wrong!). I would be grateful to anyone that could tell me If the Olive I mentioned was infact married to Lawrence. I know there are still Kileys living in Cooke City, so if you could help I would be very grateful!
Craig Laycock Monday, Oct 16, 2006 at 18:37 MST
Jim Workman was our guide during a “photography workshop” tour during July 2000. When we traveled, the winter thaw was still taking place. A group of 6 photographers followed Jim on ATV’s into Gallatin National Forest. He certainly knew his way around for all of us to capture the beauty of the forest. Jim also loved riding snowmobiles in the winter.I want to say hello to Jim and wish him all the best. Thanks Jim for a great week in the great outdoors. This is a trip I will always remember. . . Roy Thompson Aug 14, 2006 at 07:33 MST
My family just returned from 2 weeks in your wonderful corner of the world. After visiting this site we decided to stay in Cooke City for 4 days instead of just passing through (2 coming and 2 going). Based on this site and the wonderful entries in the guestbook it became apparant that Cooke City is loved by a great many people. Now you can add the five of us to that group. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this web tribute to Cooke City. Linda Sellers Friday, Aug 4, 2006 at 11:07: 22 MST
CHERYL LOWE Monday, July 10, 2006 at 14:49:03 MST

Does anyone know what happened to Doug Keller or Patrick Mus? Doug's dad used to be the photographer for the park and had a cabin between Cooke and Silver Gate. Patrick's dad used to be the school teacher in town. If anyone knows how to reach either one, please contact me. Thanks. Don Salyer
Don Salyer, Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 17:54 MST

Hi to the good people of Cooke City, Montana. A little piece of America, which stills says AMERICA. I am from Homestead, Florida, which is the southern most point on the mainland of our United States of America. My son was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington. My husband and I visited him in September, 2002. We traveled from Glacier National Park, down through Yellowstone to the Grand Tetons at Jackson Hole, Wy and back up to the northeastern entrance to Yellowstone. We stayed at the Grizzly lodge for one night and only saw Cooke City at night that year and was unsure of the place. Our next trip was with the whole family through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole. At my insistence we traveled to Cooke City to see it in the daylight and we were not disappointed at doing so. We stayed at the Antler's Lodge and although we did not stay long we enjoyed the precious time there and enjoyed knowing that there still exists a place where people trust one another and their word is their word. I wanted to thank the owner of the Sinclair station and Jan of Bun"N"Beds for finding my son's wallet with his military I.D. and such in it and holding on to it until we got it. I always wanted to see Montana since I was little, but figured it was out of the question with living on the east side of the U.S. and always vacationing in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Well now that I have had an opportunity to see Montana and Cooke City, I fell in love with the state and the town. I look at the Exxon station website almost EVERY DAY, in fact the girls in my office tease me about it, "well how's Cooke City today" and I tell just as wonderful as before. I was kinda sad to see the Super 8 going in, but I guess everywhere has the necessary evil of growing larger. I thank you for your website it kinda keeps me connected to the town. I don't know when I'll be able to return there, but Cooke City will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks again for wonderful memories, hope to see ya soon,
Denise, Homestead, FL Tuesday, June 6, 2006 at 17:02 MST

  Hi. It was a nice surprise to find this site. My parents lived in Cooke when I was born and I spent many happy summers of my youth in Cooke and Silver Gate. My grandparents are Doc and Jean Hayes. I’m about to take a trip out there and am wondering if anyone knows what has happened to some people I would like to see. Does anyone know where Boyd or Pat and Darrell are these days? I can’t believe how much time has gone by and how much I have lost track. It looks like a lot has changed, but I’m so excited to go back. Thanks for this guest book and for all the stories about a town I love so dearly.
danae debree seattle, wa. Sunday, June 4, 2006 at 17:02 MST

I have always loved Cooke City, from the first time I came there when I was a young child at the age of 5. My dad, mom and myself would come out every summer and spend a whole month there. My best friend out there was a young kid named Randy. We used to go horseback riding together, skip stones and go hiking. I can not wait till I can bring my kids up there. There's no other place on earth like it.
Lisa Bennett-Koon Sunday, May 7, 2006 at 14:25 MST

I spent the summer of 1963 trapping "pocket gophers" up and down the Bear Tooth Mountain for Dr. Clarence J. "Arch" Tryon from the University of Pittsburgh. I worked with Bill Kodrich and Skippy Gasser and we lived and worked in tents. Sam Brady ran the Cooke City Store at that time and when we got a chance to go to Cooke for groceries he was a good friend to all of us. I was 22 at the time and just finished Pitt in biology. I remember a moose and a trailer who had an "unusual" attraction. There was a newly wed couple living in the fire tower on top of the Bear Tooth and they would never come out and visit. We thought it was the fact they were newly weds. I know now it was the altitude. There was a Basque sheep herder who camped by our base camp at 8,500' and we would often take him into Red Lodge to "get happy" and play the piano. He loved brightly colored bandanas. Gene Wade, I believe was the mayor (if not he was someone really important) and I think postmaster, but you would know that better than I. I remember a posting that it would no longer be legal to let your horses run free in the streets of Cooke City. Also remember going to Silver Gate on saturday nights to dance with the rancher's daughters but can't remember the name of the place we danced. Does anyone know where I could find a picture of Sam Brady? I now live in Islamorada in the Florida Keys and several people from Cooke winter over here. One of ours Ms. Pam and her husband visit you in the summer time. What fond memories I have of Pilot and Index and the bears.
Charles "Chuck" Shaffer, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Florida Keys Community College Key West, Florida 33040
Wednesday, May 3, 2006 at 10:25:06(MST)

 We just returned from 2 weeks in Cooke City having the time of our lives snowmobiling. You just cannot imagine the quality of the snow is this area - as well as the amount! I do want to thank the folks at the Exxon for the great assistance we received almost on a daily basis with our machines. Without their expertise we would not have had such a trouble free vacation. Thanks Rick and Susan, We have your web cam bookmarked and visit everyday.!
Pete and Mary Johnson, and all the folks from North Dakota!

Sunday, April 2, 2006 at 06:51:26(MST)
I went to school with Jim Griffin ( Doc Griffin's) son, and had the privilege of working 4 summers for Doc at Beartooth Lake from 1958 through 1961. This was before U.S. Forest Service turned the land at Beartooth Lake into a general recreation use and Doc lost the lease on the land. Doc moved the cabins/coffee shop/lodge/boathouse to his property at Cooke Pass. I'll never forget those summers at the lake - superb fishing, hunting, hiking and the most spectacular scenery I've ever seen. I remember taking the diesel power plants the 24 miles into Cooke City for repair as this was our only form of electricity at the lake. The drives down to Red Lodge to get mail, Laurel for the cabin laundry and Billings for supplies, every other week, were quite an adventure. Doc always had a vehicle that was acting up and the trips often kept us on the edge of suspense as to whether we would get there or not. Unfortunately, Doc was killed in an accident on his Cooke City property one fall as he was preparing his trailer for return to Southern California. Does anybody know if the cabins, lodge and coffee shop are still there? I believe there were 8 to 10 cabins that were move to the Cooke Pass property. I still remember the day of the quake that formed Hebgen Lake, in 1959. It shook so violently, that Mildred, Doc's wife said she thought she was going to be thrown out of the bed. Of course, Jim and I, being high schoolers, tired from a rough day of working and fishing, slept through it. Sure was a beautiful site to look across the lake that morning and see that the Tooth was still on the mountain.
Larry J. O'Connell
Fair Oaks, California

Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 18:22:09(MST)
We recently left the balmy gulf coast of Alabama and decided to venture to Cooke City, in February of all times! That is when our schools are closed for a week for mardi gras. My children had never seen snow, so we took them to the extreme. What an incredible advenure! We snowmobiled a little, but the most incredible part was the town itself and the people. I wish we could have stayed longer, I was so intrigued by the locals, and feel certain that everyone there has "a story" to rival those of even us southerners. We clearly were about as touristy as they come, but everyone was so very patient and did not make us feel like the idiots we were.....building snowmen, making snow angels, etc. It was all so new to us. Thanks especially to the very patient young men at exxon, for helping explain (over and over again) what to do on a snowmobile. Thank you, thank is a memory i will cherish.

Thursday, March 9, 2006 at 12:50:03(MST)
Well, I’ve been pulled into the twenty first century, finally, and I was directed to this website by my sister, who still visits The Hunter Peak Ranch down Sunlight every summer with her family. What a treat to see the old names I remember so well, and even a few notes by people I remember. I am anxious to see what you say about Bill Sommers. Who administers this site, because I see the reference to Ann Baranko. What a wonderful lady who regularly filled me with pots of coffee while I flirted with her daughters in the restaurant. I first began work in the area as a chore boy at the Hunter Peak Ranch in the summer of 1956. I found the job through King Cole at the Cole Trading Post. Worked the whole summer, 7 days a week, for $ 100. I’m not sure I was worth that, but I did milk the cow twice a day and developed forearms like Popeye. The following 3 summers, I worked for Gene Wade at the old Watuck Lodge. I was sad to learn about Ruth and Gene. I learned a lot from them. It was nice to hear about Genie and Dennis, however. I had a couple of years when I went to college and didn’t always work in Cooke, but moved there to make a permanent home for myself in the summer of 1965. I worked for Gene again, building the new Watuck. We had quite a crew. We’d go into the woods, with a small Cat, a couple of chain saws, the old Army dump truck, and a small army of incompetent $1.25/hr laborers to cut, snake out, load, and drive out the logs to the saw mill, that we also worked at, in order to cut the lumber that we later built the new Watuck lodge out of. Come to think of it, that was probably one of the earlier summers, because the year I graduated from college, I worked for Elmer Larson at the Range Riders. Great times with Dickie Hargrove and myself running the bar. We saw a lot of sunrises and woke up often at the leanto. That winter, with the mechanical help of Bill Sommers, and with a lot of good meals served by Betty, I opened the first snowmobile rental business in Cooke. I had 4 sleds; a double track, and three single track 14 horse skidoos. With Bill, Betty, Larry Luckinbill, and a few other local enthusiasts, we traveled from Top-o-the World to Grasshopper Glacier, Daisy Pass, and one time, the Silver Tip Ranch. Since the weekends were the only time anyone rented, we had all week to play. I recall going over the top of a few cabins. Tommy Garrison, Shorty, Nick, the Sommers, the Wades and a few others were the only ones who braved out the winters, that were described as” 9 months of winter and three months of damn late in the fall.” As I remember, Tommy had an Austin Healey at that time. That winter, the snow came in so soon, that Tommy got caught up at the cabin with it. It took him a week or so but, he dug it all the way back to town. He’d dig down to the road, make a ramp, and run the car as fast and as far up the ramp as he could, then dig it down to the road again, and start again. He made it and drove it all winter with the top down. He spent most of the winter in Nick’s. I worked with him one summer when we both worked for Larry Luckinbill, widening the road down by the Clark’s Fork bridge. I just ran across a bunch of pictures and slides from those days if there is any archive set up any where. I remember and have a picture of Vickie Sommers asleep on her Dad’s snowmobile after a particularly long ride. I have too many stories, and all too many great memories of those years. My wife , Patty, from Billings, and I helped start the ski camp on Daisy Pass, in 1969, before we moved to Vail, CO. where I ran the ski school for a few years, then got into real estate. I’m still active in that, and am now the proud grandfather of 4. I would love to hear from anyone with whom I crossed paths and drank all too many beers with in those days. Where have the years gone? All my best.
Bob Dorf.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006 at 13:26:22(MST)
Does anyone remember Jim Vincelette. He still has a cabin there. He visits every year. He currently lives in Houston Texas. He is my dad.
Erin Loera

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2006 at 15:36:48(MST)
This has to be the greatest website in the world! The memories of my time in Cooke City come to life as I read each of the stories these people have shared. I remember Sam and his sister Betty at the store, the russian man at the gas station, Gene Wade, Mrs Norquist. I remember (xxxxx), the waitress at the Cooke Pass cafe who returned to Missoula and promptly forgot me, my friend mexican Joe who I lost contact with after he was sent away for holding up a gas station in Red Lodge, Pete from Idaho. My apologies to all you bartenders I lied to about my age although most of you didn't care in those days. My apologies to a few of you ladies I said things to with my fingers crossed. Thanks to all the folks who hired me and gave second chances. Sorry, to whoever owned the 69 mustang parked at the Shaw lodge - it was me who siphoned all your gas so I could get home, BUT most of all "Thanks to all you wonderful folks who gave me the greatest summer of my life!!
Pittsburg KS
Thursday, Jan 12, 2006 at 16:22:28(MST)
Just a quick note to thank you for the time you put into this website. I visit nearly everyday to check the weather or maybe just to stir up some memories of good times spent there. I began my adventure the summer of 1987 working at the store at Canyon YNP. After repeated trips to Cooke My friend Michelle and I decided to move to Cooke for the remainder of the summer. Michelle returned to work the summer of 1988 during the fires and I visited for a week. Michelle was killed in an auto accident returning to Omaha in the fall of that year.
Sammi Freeman
Omaha NE
Tuesday, Dec 6, 2005 at 07:14:24(MST)
Hello, Cooke City!
I spent 4 1/2 years living and working in the Mammoth area of Yellowstone (1995-1999), and one of our favorite things to do was get a group together and drive to Cooke City for a piece of pie! Several of us made the trip through the years, Phyllis, Blink, Patsy, Arnetta, Shirley, Elaine, and others including myself [Tiny]. The food was always great, I especially loved the chili followed by the sour cream cherry pie [which I have not been able to find anywhere else]. Anyone have a recipe? Needless to say we all enjoyed visiting the general store, galleries, etc. Some of us even spent some time at one of Ranger cabins at Kersey. All in all, it was wonderful! Have had some health problems, so don't know if I will be able to return, but I sure would love to see Cooke City again, and like a lot of others, if I could make a living there I'd move in a heart beat. If anyone wishes to write, my email is: [email protected]. Love the site and will be back to visit it again soon.
Tiny Cranmer
Tulsa, OK
Saturday, Nov 5, 2005 at 13:54:19 (MST)
We passed through Cooke City around 1971 when I was a kid. I remember we drove up the "Top of the World" highway only to find a large group of locals celebrating at the top! Being 1971, the alcohol (and soda pop) was flowing freely even though everyone had to drive back down the mountain! We stayed at a motel/cabins owned and operated by, I think, a family named Porter. Rick Porter was the same age as I was and my brother and I had a great time playing with Rick and his Brother. Rick and I decided to become "pen pals" and wrote back and forth a few times. For some unknown reason I've never forgotten Cooke City or the Porters. If Rick's still around I'd love to hear from him--I think It was my turn to write!
Dan Hall

Saturday, Oct 21, 2005 at 10:22:11 (MST)
Good Morning - I wanted to thank you for using our web cam on your site. I have visited your site often and it's fantastic and I truly appreciate you helping us out by using what is available from the web cam. We've had a few
technical problems last week but spent about 2 hours on the phone with the web-cam folks and they have helped me understand the media much better so hopefully the delays when it is down will be decreased considerably.
Keeping it up and running can be challenging and I have discovered that the reason for that is that we choose to honestly have a LIVE web cam as ours here and at the Big Moose are really live and we're the only ones. We're
not overly knowledgeable about this technology but we're trying our hardest to keep up! We, like the Big Moose Lodge, are offering FREE WIFI (wireless internet) to those who choose to bring along their laptops and need to connect to the internet. It seems that free access is only appropriate in this age of technology. In gearing up for our winter snowmobile rental season we're busy with getting the store and units ready to go. Hopefully we'll get that "great snow" winter that Cooke City is known for. Once again, thank you so much for using our web cams on your site.
Thanks again!
Susan, Cooke City Exxon

Saturday, Oct 8, 2005 at 6:52:51 (MST)
In the early 50’s I spent several summers at B-4 Ranch for Boys. This ranch / camp was run by the then Hockey Coach at The University of Michigan, Vic Heiliger. At the time there were many UM athletes who were counselors. Tony Branoff, who as I recall was a wrestler, Ron Kramer a football player as well as many others. Recently we purchased a 2006 calendar of barns around the country and there we found a photo of the barn at B-4 Ranch Bear Tooth, Montana. Now since 50 years have passed since I was last there, I didn’t really recognize the barn. However bright in my memory are Pilot and Index Peaks to the south of the ranch, pack trips into Grasshopper Glacier, fishing trips to Yellowstone Lake and trips to Jackson Hole, all the while packing several of us and our gear in the back of an Ford stake truck. For many years I have wanted to return to Cooke City and B-4 Ranch. We hope to do just that in the next couple of years. Great Website.
Bill Sorensen
Friday, Oct 7, 2005 at 13:16:01 (MST)
I lived in Cooke City in the summers beginning in 1964, first working Ruth and Gene Wade helping building the new Watuck Lodge, waiting tables, and for six years I worked for Sam and Betty (and Wildcat) at the Cooke City
Store. Knew all the folks at Gracie's (Hoosier's) and Dick and Mickey Porter's, Vince and Lo Mus, Tommy the Hermit, Shorty Nichols, Menuey's at Cooke Pass, Dick Randall, oh, also worked at the Cooke Pass gas station one summer when Doc Griffith bought it, helped work on the water line from Miller Mountain to town, remember when Gary Brown built the first dome in the area, spent quite a few nights at Fred Howe's A-frame on the way up
Daisy Pass . . . Does anybody know if the Lean-To is still being used? It was our party spot during the week, and then it was off to the Range Riders. What happened to Ralph and the general store? I'd move back in a heartbeat if I could make any kind of living.
Tracy Thompson

Monday, Sept 12, 2005 at 14:11:51 (MST)
My girlfriend and i worked in Cooke City back in 1976 for Wayne and Gin! I worked at the cafe and Karen my friend worked in the icecream store for them! That was the greatest summer of our lives we met alot of great people and worked with alot of them too! We were from North Dakota so everyone gave us a bad time! I have been back out several times to visit, i love it there! By the way i'm Connie the tall waitress from Gins cafe! If anyone that reads this and remembers us i'd luv to get an email from you! [email protected] Connie

Thursday, Sept 7, 2005 at 18:36:31 (MST)
An addition to my July entry---My husband and I did spend August 13-18 in the Cooke City area. It was the highlight of our almost-three-week stay in southern Montana and north-west Wyoming, visiting all the places we have been before but wanted to stay longer! What a trip! We had to hire Nick at the Yamaha dealership to haul our supplies up to Round Lake because the boulders in the road were way to rough for our Subaru! Round Lake is about 6 to 8 miles back of Cooke City in the Gallatin National Forest off Goose Creek Road. The rental cabin's rustic and sparse, but beat a tent by a mile during the sleet, snow and hail storm on the night of the 17th! The lakes, the mountains, the wildlife, the native trout fishing, the flowers, were all spectacular. The cabin is right on Round Lake and the sunrises and sunsets from there are amazing. We were mezmerized for a week! The area is truely magic. The only disappointment was in learning that many of the businesses are no longer owned and run by locals, but by out of state investors. It changes the ambiance of the town, but the people were still real and wonderfully helpful and enjoyable. Thanks for your great site, and this forum to allow me to hear from other Cooke City fans!
Lois and Ken Horne
Swoope, Virginia (Blue Ridge Mountains)
Lois and Ken Horne

Monday, Aug 29, 2005 at 20:29:11 (MST)
I first came to Cooke with Harold Crabb right after his dad bought the Watuck [Soda Butte Lodge now] I lived there till august of 77. That summer I met a girl from kansas and followed her home. We got married in Oct. of 77 and have 2 great kids who are starting to have kids of their own now. How time flies! It seems like just the other day when Harold, Connie, and I were doing something to make Darrell or Pat mad at one or all three of us. Things have changed a little since then. H.W.'s scattered across Woody Ridge, Bobby Dodge passed away, Connie and I both went different directions, Ricky and Vicky grew up, and Bernies gone too. If you spent any time there from 74-77 I don't need to give last names, you know who we are. The only thing about the same is Rick and Jeff and whoever the "drummer of the month" is. Long nights at Range Riders or the Buckskin were the norm. How many times did we watch the sun come up from the roof of the annex? I come up as often as I can but that's still not enough. Seems like there's barely time to see the ones who are left and still get some fishing in too. All these people talk about the parties but nobody ever mentions the Anvil Inn. Remember Doc Hayes and Don Ellis? I remember keeping one eye on the Ellis girls and the other out for Don! That's enough for now. If anyone remembers, E-mail me any time.
Don Salyer
Monday, Aug 22, 2005 at 23:18:19 (MST)
Just a quick note, if by some chance you would know the email address for Gary Hauck, I'd really like it. The one in the list does not work! He's Mort and Betty's son from Cooke City! Thank you !
Monday, Aug 22, 2005 at 23:18:19 (MST)
Just checking in with all those who might know me from the early 80's, I was sad to miss the Beef Lips play on August 20, 2005. I haven't seen the Beef Lips play since 1986 or 87. I had planned to make a special trip just for that gig, but It just didnt work out. My dad, "Shelly Jo", was the drummer of the Beef Lips when Beef Lips started in 1981 I believe. Been a long time. We were real close to getting my dad to make this trip to Cooke, wow wouldnt have that been a trip? Maybe Mike would have let him sit in for a set? That would have been great, I want my kids to see grandpa play one time and enjoy it like I did when I was a kid. I thought those Beef Lips ruled the world. Looking back they were the best entertainers on stage that I have seen. Anyway it just didnt work out this time but maybe next year. Best of wishes to Patty's son, who the Beef Lips had the benefit concert for tonight, I hope they did well with the benefit. Any of you who read this and want to get in touch with me, feel free to do so, I would be happy to hear from you. To all those who were around in the early 80's, yes I remember Kenny Busch, and his dog "White Dog", who got into the rocky mt. oysters at Ma's one summer, I remember Mort and Betty, Exxon Jeff, Rick Summers, Kelly Blair, Sprout, Vicki, Crazy Bob, Chip, Pack-head, I really want to get in touch with Holly Robinson who worked at Beartooth Cafe when Kelly was married to Melanie, her mom. There were more people that I remember and I am sure they know who they are if they see this. Hope to hear from you soon.
Sheldon Jensen Jr
Saturday, Aug 20, 2005 at 23:18:19 (MST)

What a great tribute to my favorite town in the whole world. I log on each morning to check the daily picture just to see the current weather. When I worked in Cooke I would fill up the company truck each morning at the Exxon, grab a cup of coffee and stand out next to the truck and enjoy the very scene you post each day. The scene has changed a bit with that new motel and a few other minor changes, but it's still COOKE CITY!
"Rabbit" Hays, Kansas
Monday, Aug 15, 2005 at 15:21:19 (MST)

Hello! What an awesome website. I never thought I would be able to get any information regarding F. J. Williams paintings I purchased over fifteen years ago. How sad I am to learn Mr. Williams passed away in 1999. His paintings are truly a beautiful example of American folk art. I had seen the report on CNN, called the Cooke City General Store and they were kind enough to provide a telephone number to reach Mr. & Mrs. Williams. Not being in a position to travel to Cooke City, I promptly purchased three paintings via telephone from Birdie. They hung in my former home until we moved ten years ago.
Gina Seklecki Jamison, Pennsylvania
Sunday, Aug 14, 2005 at 11:01:03 (MST)

Well, I'm on my way to Cooke City soon and stumbled onto this site. The entries are great and I cannot resist adding my own. During the summers of 1968 and 69, I flagged for road construction up on the pass and lived at Top of the World and then at the Nordquist cabins...Mrs. Nordquist (Olive?) would bake cookies for us once in awhile, invite us over and tell stories about Hemingway who had stayed several times at their dude ranch in the Sunlight Basin. One time she showed me pictures taken of a family in Boston and I asked her who they were...she was quite disgusted that I didn't recognize her in a dress, heels and pillbox hat! During the summer of 1970, I spent a memorable summer working at the Anvil Inn. The Beartooths are my favorite place, and if I knew how to make a living there, I would be there all the time.
Judy Jones
Tuesday, Aug 8, 2005 at 16:05:03 (MST)

Back in 1999, we stopped at the visitor bureau, and I saw a sample of the "COOKING WITH RHUBARB", asked for a copy and DOE JOHNSTON, said she would be happy to send me a copy... she did..... It was published this year and she sent me a copy!' I don't know how she remembered, but I and my wife are very appreciative.
If there was any way you could tell her, I would again be very appreciative. (the address part of the envelope was damaged and unreadable).
I have shared it with all the ladies of our church, starting with Lora Lee Johnston, the wife of Harold Johnston, who was the son of Oren Johnston.
Tony Pires (California)
Tuesday, July 26, 2005 at 18:24:03 (MST)

My husband and I came to Cooke City first in September, 1994. It was incredible 2 week trip through Yellowstone and southern Montana, but Cooke City was our favorite memory! It reminded me of the TV show, "Northern Exposure" popular then. As we drove in, all the dogs in town welcomed us and helped us unload our car at the 'Hoosier' Motel. We tried tasting all of the '100 brands of beer' at the Beartooth Cafe, and were amazed at pick-up trucks unlocked with rolled down windows and guns in open view in their window racks, with no fear of them being stole, parked along the street!
I mention these memorable sights, but the true amazement is the incredible beauty and solitude of the mountains that pictures just begin to touch, and words never can. We will be returning in August, finally! This time we will be staying in forest service's Round Lake Cabin for 5 days! Will report back after our return!
Tuesday, July 18, 2005 at 5:22:31 (MST)

I was thrilled to come across your Cooke City pages. In 1971 I came to Cooke with two friends for a fishing vacation intended to be for 3 weeks. Two of us stayed until late fall. We fished and camped until the money ran out then picked up jobs doing nearly everything possible. We cooked, worked as waiters, painted motel rooms and cabins, cleared fallen trees - you name it, we probably did some of it. It was a very special time working with very special people. Snowfall brought an end to our adventure. I hope to return someday soon to your beautiful corner of the world.
Robert James
Wednesday, June 28, 2005 at 19:52:31 (MST)

While attending the University of Montana at Bozeman, I became interested in Montana mining history. Following a Google search I came to your wonderful web pages. Several friends and I have planned a trip to your little corner of the world where we intend to spend a few weeks exploring the New World Mining district. We of course will spend some time on Beartooth Pass (the Cooke City side anyway) and then down through Yellowstone.
Thanks so much for your work here!
Sandi Pitkin
Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 11:43:45 (MST)

 An Amazing Return. My wife and I stopped briefly in Cooke City yesterday, May 27, 2005, almost fifty years after my first (and only previous) time there. I wish I had come again sooner! It was her first time, and we came to Billings from Rochester, New York for vacation. My wife had never seen the Rockies up close and gigantic, and I wanted to show her. I also wanted to see again where I had spent six weeks in the summer of 1955 at the B-4 Ranch for Boys, on the creek, in plain view of Pilot and Index Peaks.
The Ranch was, I think, sponsored by the University of Michigan at the time, where I later got my degree in art. But I was twelve when I got off the bus from Billings, and spent the most amazing six weeks I'd ever lived. I learned to backpack, shoot, play flag football, paddle a canoe, and much more, and when I got the mumps near the end of the stay, a wonderful nurse named June tended me in the infirmary until we all headed back on the train. I got off the train in South Bend, Indiana, a skinny kid with two huge cheeks under my new cowboy hat. My mother at 90 still recalls the sight.
 I never forgot the mountains. I'm a writer now, and at 62 I still remember the trip through Beartooth Pass to and from the ranch, where the road clung desperately to the mountainsides and I could look miles out and down into the vast gulf of air. Mountains turn up (or soar up) in my fiction now, thanks to that one trip.
My best wishes to Cooke City and everyone there,and my hopes that Beartooth Pass will open again to bring back more people like me. Your world is engraved in my heart.
Dana Paxson
Saturday, May 28, 2005 at 17:06:23 (MST)
Hi there, While i was a college student i took a summer off to live in the Beautous Cooke City! I worked at the beartoothe cafe, when John Felt owned it. I lived in his cabin behind the cafe. Never forget seeing all the bears in that area. Loved hiking up to the peaks, and running into some beautiful waterfalls! Besides getting to know yellowstone park so well, i loved the cooke city area even more, all those wildflowers, pristine lakes. I'll never forget the beartooth pass drive.
Someday i hope to bring my kids there!
Mary Wilcken
Saturday, May 28, 2005 at 9:43:45 (MST)

Cooke is a very special place. I enjoyed reading about the notable residents who made Cooke what it is. I visit a few times each year and see a big change as new folks move in.
Rawl Johnson
Basin WY, USA - Wednesday, May 18, 2005 at 11:18:45 (MST)

Does anyone know a guy by the name of Gary A. Mann? He lived in Cooke City in 1982 -1983?
Nancy Swedlund <[email protected]>
USA - Wednesday, May 03, 2005 at 07:38:11 (MST)

What a great website! Hi am so glad to come across people from around the world who have enjoyed Cooke City as much as I have. I first went to Cooke City during the summer of 1977 and have been back every other summer, more or less. Eating salty peanuts and drinking cold beer outside of the General Store is probably my fondest memory, right up there with having breakfast at Ma Perkins on certain cold rainy mornings.

Marc [email protected]

Hi, I'm writing you because I've just read Hemingway's novel 'Truth at first light' in which, towards the end, the author refers to Cooke City Montana. C.C has, according to Hem only one street and its post office is said to resemble a store in the african village of Laitokitok in Kenya near the Tanzanian border.Well, I got interested and landed on your great site and found an almost mythically beautiful place! I dont know if Laitokitok is as beutiful but the area around Mt Kilimanjaro ,where most of the novel takes place, sure is. Every person that loves mountaineous areas must love both these places,and also Scandinavia , especially Norway, where the road from Lom to Luster and all the small places between, are just unbelievable.
Now I wonder, is there(was there ever) a post office in Cooke City and did Hemingway ever visit C.C ?
Let me thank you for a great web site,it really gives you the urge to visit C.C. I really would like to do so given the money and time, the two essentials for travelling.
Best regards
Göran Forsgren
Falkenberg Sweden

I am a summer resident here, in the famous "Hanson Pridham Concordia." Every year before summer I get so tired of seeing WISCONSIN and all I want to do is visit the place I have and will be going to for the rest of my life. It is so fun to see this site and look at everything, I want to come in May to August instead of June to August. I miss it SO much! Great job on the site.
Emily Kingman <[email protected]>
Madison, WI USA - Wednesday, March 02, 2005 at 13:38:11 (EST)

In the '30s radio soap opera Ma Perkin's Place, what was Mr. Perkin's occupation? Learned the answer during a course I took in college in Toronto ON CANADA from CDN radio legend Stan Larke. email me if you want this bit of trivia. Cheers! Steve
Steve Tanner <[email protected]>
North Bay, ON CANADA - Wednesday, March 02, 2005 at 15:44:11 (EST)

This is a pleasant surprise, I mean stumbling onto this Guestbook. Reading through the comments and stories of others I find a common bond. How I happen to be here today sharing my thoughts with you is because this morning a friend of mine told me of a pretty cool website. In this website you answer a short questionnaire and it will provide you with a list of cities that would most likely suit your lifestyle. Well after scrolling through twenty-three cities in Alaska, Utah, Wyoming and Montana I was disappointed to see that Cooke City was not one of them. I exited the site and typed in a search for Cooke City and here I am. I am fortunate that both professionally and personally I am able to travel the world. And in these travels although only spending a mere six hours on a beautiful July day back in 1997 I have concluded that Cooke City is one of my favorite places on earth. I was just as suprised to stumble upon Cooke City as I am this site. You see back then in 1997 I was coming off a climb of Granite Peak and decided to ease my aching muscles with a lesisurely drive through the Beartooth Pass. The drive was so spectacular that I couldn't turn around so I continued west through the Colter Pass until I entered a small western town nestled between the mountains. As I maneuvered my truck into the opposite lane and around a sleeping dog I just knew that I had to stop and experience that town, your town Cooke City. I walked through the historic shops stopping to talk to everyone that smiled at me and even bought a new hatband for my cowboy hat at the General Store. I then crossed the street and pushed through the wooden swinging doors of the saloon. Stepping over yet another sleeping dog I bellied up to the bar and spent time drinking beer with a few of your colorful and friendly locals. I have to say that a good time was had by all. I will return again when the opportunity presents itself but until then Cooke City will always be in my thoughts.
Jerry Giordano <[email protected]>
White Lake, MI USA - Thursday, February 24,

I lived in Cooke in 1977and worked at the Watuck. Harold Crabb and I were very good buds. God rest his soul. Cooke City is a place you can never forget and the memories will last a lifetime. Great site!!!
Doug Salyer
Platte City, Mo. USA - Monday, February 21, 2005 at 22:36:06 (EST)

Brenda Vincelette <[email protected]>
Billings, Mt USA - Saturday, February 19, 2005 at 19:52:27 (EST)

I have to say that your site makes me want to move to Cooke City. When you spend that much time talking about the interesting people of your town, it makes you feel like you already know them. It shows you really care about where you live and the people there. Love the site and my family and I hope to visit the Cooke City area real soon.
Sarah Deshotel
Pine Prairie, LA
- Saturday, January 29, 2005 at 18:11:45 (EST)

Greetings all. Years ago I worked as the Park County planner when the cult was buying up the valley. One winter the county planning board wrote a town plan for the Cooke City Silvergate area. I never knew if they adopted it but we had a great time coming up for meetings in the snow. Reading the guest entry pages brought back many memories. Say hi to Margatet Reebe if she is still kicking. Best from Abuja Nigeria Steve Herbaly
Steve Herbaly <
[email protected]>
USA - Wednesday, December 29, 2004 at 08:12:15 (EST)

I grew up in the Silvergate Cooke City country. My folks bought the Texaco station in Silvergate from my Uncle Elmer Larson. We moved out from Minnesota in 1954 to Silvergate. My Sister Nancy and I went to school in Cooke City until about 1957. Changed teachers about 4 times, they could not take the winter. Gene Wade jr. was in school with us. It was a great time in my life. My folks sold the gas station in about 1968. Have not been back in quite some time. All the old timers of the area are well remembered by me . Thanks for all your work on this web site.
Gerald Hanson <[email protected]>
Whitefish, MT USA - Tuesday, December 21, 2004 at 13:39:04 (EST)

Hello to all Cooke City people. I have wonderful memories of the two summers I worked there. I worked at quite a few different places as many of my bosses expected me to show up for work on time, sober and clean! I'm thankful I had the oportunity to experience Cooke City and will always remember the wonderful people I worked for and with (including the ones who fired me).
Sammy Walters <[email protected]>
Eugene, OR USA - Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 20:05:34 (EST)

I come and snowmobile in this place every year. Someday soon i hope to live there and become a part of the rich herritage community. It is full of all that somone would need to live happily. I hope everyone knows what a wonderfull place that Cooke City is.
Chase B. <[email protected]>
Laurel, MT USA - Wednesday, November 03, 2004 at 10:28:27 (EST)

Wow!!! This website brought back floods of memories. Your photo of Horn Millers cabin started it all. My friends and I stayed in that cabin more than a few weekends. We dug around the old mines and even panned for gold in Fisher(?) creek on Lulu pass. That was only a small part of the experience though. The nights spent in Silver Gate at the Range Riders lodge. The hiking and fishing experiences could fill volumes. Cooke has to be the creator's gift to mankind! See you all next summer!
Bob Smithey
Eugene, or USA - Wednesday, October 06, 2004 at 17:26:34 (EDT)
I have visited your website hundreds of times over the last few years. I can then recall the happy times I spent in Cooke City doing nothing more than cleaning cabins after tourists. The job didn't amount to much, yet the peace and serenity of the Cooke City area makes that time frame stand out as one of the highlites of my life. I do hope that I will be able to return to Cooke City just one more time. May God bless you for your work here. Teri Houser
Teri Houser
Baltimore, MD USA - Sunday, September 26, 2004 at 12:57:07 (EDT)
I was in Cooke City in June, 2004 while spending 2 wks in MT. It was the most gorgeous, quaint place I have ever been. As a matter of fact I am a teacher and if I had the credentials and been there about a week earlier would have applied for the available teaching position. Such friendly people and the atmosphere is simply amazing. Plan on going back in the winter or next summer again. I LOVE it! Thanks, Cooke City!
Teresa Boldreghini <[email protected]>
Oakland, TN USA - Saturday, September 18, 2004 at 10:07:02 (EDT)

Thanks for the info! My husband and I will be visiting in a week or so and this site helped us pick a place to stay and things to look for. Appreciate it!
Linda Neeser <[email protected]>
Reno, NV USA - Thursday, September 09, 2004 at 21:25:49 (EDT)

I was in Cooke City 8 years ago, and had a whale of a time. Great Nachos, Great beer and great views. Does anyone want to leave me their house so I can retire there??? I was on a sole adventure into Yellowstone and worked for a while in Silver Gate at the Grizzly lodge. Does anyone know if Hayes Kirby is still around? Top geezer and would love to hear from him. All the best.
Dan Moore <[email protected]>
London, England - Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 11:49:06 (EDT)

Just wanted to say I have some fond memories of cooke city. I just came through there in July over the Beartooth highway. I use to live in Billings, MT till I was 18, then I moved to California and I miss home terribly. Every time I visit my parents we always come to yellowstone going through Cooke City and we stay in Silvergate. The mountains are so beautiful and the air is so fresh which I miss. We'll for sure be back next summer, and what a wonderful website. thanks to you I can see a piece of home thank you.
Darcy Jimenez <[email protected]>
Montebello, CA USA - Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 17:00:59 (EDT)

We spent a wonderful morning in your town on the way from Yellowstone to the Beartooth pass and on the way back couldn't resist another visit. We'll be back!
Rob Dobrusin
Ann Arbor, MI USA - Sunday, August 08, 2004 at 20:30:47 (EDT)
I was very happy to find this site. I worked in Cooke City in 1989, and share many of the great memories I read about here. This was a very happy time for me and I met my wife Sarah there. We now have 3 great kids and hope to find them jobs in Cooke for ther summer as soon as they get a little bit older. Oops - thinking about how much drinking and partying we did there - maybe we'd better wait until they are LOTS older! peace to all!
Mark Secal
Idaho Falls, ID- Saturday, July 31, 2004 at 06:56:01 (EDT)
Great Site! I love it. I'll be back soon!
San Diego, CA USA - Friday, July 30, 2004 at 20:44:18 (EDT)
This little southern boy fell in love with your beautiful part of this world back in 1986 while visiting Yellowstone national park. I only spent 3 days in cooke city, but I remember the quite relaxed atmosphere and would love to come back. thanks for this webpage of memories
Johnny Swanson
Memphis, TN USA - Friday, July 09, 2004 at 15:12:11 (EDT)

My family would spend the month of July up in Silvergate with our Grandparents, Kaye and Ann Kiddoo, from 1989-2000. Cooke City and Silvergate hold some of my fondest memories. Now, my Grandparents have sold their place, and me being older and having to work, I have not been able to "escape" to my favorite place in the world. My mom and sister, Michelle, still manage to go up there every year. In fact they are up there right now, while I'm here at work! ( I miss all of our friends and the fun times we had up there. My Great Aunt and Uncle also summered there, Pat and Louis Ledbetter...they had a cabin closer to Cooke City. I miss the Fireman's Picnic, the firework show, and the Range Rider!! We still get to see our great friends the Pates who still summer up there, because they live near us in Texas. I bet it's not the same without Sue and Ralph in the General Store! Luckily we have some of Mary Blain and Carter Gowl's artwork to take us back in memory! "Hi" to everyone who has touched my life...Batemans, Oldemeyers, Archers, Gliddens, etc... Miss you all!
NICOLE TIMM <[email protected]>
KELLER, TX USA - Thursday, July 01, 2004 at 16:29:28 (EDT)

What a wonderful site for us folks that have lived and worked in Cooke City. It is obvious that the town has a lasting impression on others as it did on me. We had fun. We made friendships that will last forever. Mant things have changed over the years, but the spirit is still there. Thank you for this wornderful site!
Bobbi Lewis
Eugene, OR USA - Thursday, July 01, 2004 at 12:30:28 (EDT)

One of my fondest childhood memories as a young boy was my father and I travelling together to visit Yellowstone, and a brief stay in a small town that will linger in my mind forever. Cooke City was our stopping off spot and stayed for a couple of days and it was somthing a boy from Kansas at 13 yrs of age could not imagine. Beauty. My father is no longer with us but the memory remains. Thank You for that.
Ronald D Edwards <[email protected]>
Clay Center, KS USA - Wednesday, June 16, 2004 at 15:11:29 (EDT)

I worked in Cooke city for 4 months in 1973. it was a long time agobut I remember it so well. It is a great place to make friends and have a great time. I drove through is late september 1997 and the memories just flooded back. many things havent changed one bit. I want to return this summer asap. to all the great people I worked with I send my very best wishes!
Stan Jackson <[email protected]>
Sedalia, MO USA - Monday, June 07, 2004 at 09:39:49 (EDT)

Great Website. I spent 3 summers working in Cooke during the 80's - has it really been that long ago? Anyhow, I loved Cooke and want to return so very badly! Maybe this is the year???
Roberta Simpson <[email protected]>
Rex, ID USA - Sunday, May 23, 2004 at 20:34:22 (EDT)

I enjoyed the story by Mary Curl. Kersey lake was one of my favorite places when I worked in the Cooke area. I can picture Mary on a raft there. It is a very nice thought. Thanks.
Al Johnson
St Joe, MO USA - Thursday, May 13, 2004 at 19:41:27 (EDT)

Wow! what a great guestbook. Reading it brought back a lot of great COOKE CITY memories. Yes, we drank to much, we partied to much and we got fired a lot for not being a very good employee after an all night party. I'll never forget the wonderful folks I knew and worked with. Mary
Mary Bindner <[email protected]>
KC, MO USA - Sunday, May 02, 2004 at 21:19:07 (EDT)

I'm very excited that I got a job for the summer in Cooke City. I will be there on June 2. I love this site
B. Hyland
Plains, mt USA - Friday, April 30, 2004 at 12:04:22 (EDT)

Hello, there in coooooke city!!! If you were there between june of 95 threw 98 you probably remember me as one of the Bon jovi boys...We had a few stupid drunk things but if you lived there through a winter ,I'm sure you understand..Anyways, I'm the tan one,...Joshua.My family owned the pine tree cafe.joshua johmson <[email protected]>
taos, new mexico USA - Saturday, June 07, 2003 at 01:06 AM (EDT)
Hi there, September 2003 we spent some time in Cooke City, what a relaxed town ! We stayed at the High Country Motel and had the best meals of our holiday at the Beartooth Cafe. It was really great fun staying here.... If you're interested (if only for some very nice pictures...) go to our website. > USA 2003 > Wyoming > Yellowstone or Diary day 11-14 (dagboek 2003)It's in Dutch, but the photographs do speak for themselves....
Martin & Grietje
Leeuwarden, NL Netherlands - Saturday, April 24, 2004 at 08:59:20 (EDT)
In 1965 I worked in the national forest at Cooke City spraying trees. One Evening two friends joined me for a quick trip to Red Lodge and back. We were stopped 5 times by law enforcement on the trip. We found out later two guys had stolen a truck from a highway construction worker and ran into the woods when chased by the police. We must have looked suspicious!

Bob P.
Absarokee, MT USA - Monday, April 12, 2004 at 16:10:00 (EDT)
real glad to find your site. I wrangled the B-4 back in the mid 1950s when it was a combined dude and kids summer ranch. I LOVED Cooke City: The Silver Dollar and Switchback Bars way too drunk one night, a friend and I chased a bear cub onto the Switchback's front porch!) Taking people on pack trips up to Grasshopper Glacier while working for Rodeo cowboy John Linderman. wonderful experiences. I'd love to know what became of the B-4 / if you, or any of your readers, have time to come on back, let me know.
randy eaton <[email protected]>
plymouth, michigan USA - Monday, August 04, 2003 at 09:35 PM (EDT)
Visiting this website made me very happy remembering the great times I shared with so many friends in cooke city back in 80s. Thanx for the visit.

Peter Starkey <[email protected]>
Fargo, ND USA - Friday, April 09, 2004 at 12:40:06 (EDT)
I'm student from Slovakia (small country in the midlle of Europe - we were Czechoslovakia) and I spent in Cooke City summer 2003. I was working for Beartooth Cafe for 3 months and I have to say it was wonderful time. I met there a lot of nice people and I think in that small city is some kind of spirit and everybody who was there have to agree. I was little bit hiking around and the nature is amazing, it is peace for your soul. I would like to come back sometimes, but ... who knows. Have a nice day

Marian Polak <[email protected]>
Banska Bystrica, Slovakia - Wednesday, March 31, 2004 at 11:36:52 (EST) 
I Really enjoyed visiting the site. I worked out in Cooke City the summer of 1977. Worked for Gin in her Cafe. We stayed in some little cabins that they also owned. I remember Sue, and Vicki from Beulah ND (?). Myself, Barb Waloch and Kevin Bolander came from ND to work for the summer. There was a family that owned a leather shop from Kansas City. We flew out to visit them once. We Did a lot of partying and dancing at Silver Gate. During the Days off we took horses out for all day rides in the beautiful mountains, Did alot of hiking to the water fall behind the city as well as many other places in the area. Had a great time and made lots of friends that I am no longer in touch with sorry to say. We had the bear running around during the night as well as a few other animals. Was a great time.
Sandy Johnson <[email protected]>
., USA - Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 02:32 PM (EST)

Wow, what a blast from the past! I worked in Cooke City one summer, I believe it was 85. I was the waitress/dishwasher/cashier At Ma Perkins, working for Mort and Betty. At the end of the summer I was a flagger for the road construction on the wyoming section of the Beartooth Highway. What a wild summer it was! Going to Kersey Lake, Beef Lips, Exxon Jeff, etc. Does anyone remebember my dog Bonnie and the time she got into the porcupine? Also the bears that summer were right in the road all the time. I ALMOST quit school to stay on that winter. I was that close to becoming a local. I've been gone from Montana 9 years now and right now my husband and I are planning our move back.. Can't wait to show my kids Cooke City. We also have a cabin at East Rosebud Lake. We could walk to Cooke from there!! Hope to hear from some of you all from that summer.
Leslie Jones <[email protected]>
Coatesville , PA USA - Tuesday, April 08, 2003 at 08:33 PM (EDT)

Hello, just surfed in. I have to say that your website is great. 
Carol Jeffrey 
Kentucky US - Tuesday, March 30, 2004 at 04:30:54 (EST) 

My first summer in Cooke happened to be the summer of '88; the year Yellowstone burned. I was working as a waitress for Joan and Bill at their restaurant in town. Most everyone working that summer left to fight fires, so those of us that stuck around were very busy as the town was filled with firefighters, smokejumpers, military personnel, and media. The community really pulled together in this trying period. That summer didn't scare me away though. I continued working in Cooke for the next three summers and even made it through (almost!) one winter. I held numerous jobs waiting tables at Joan and Bill's, bartending at Hoosier's and Miner's, and one summer Bill Somers even talked me into being the dump attendant. Or as others affectionately referred to me "the dump queen." The summers of '90 and '91 were spent working for Bernie and Phyllis Kiley at the Yellowstone Trading Post. I had the pleasure of working for two wonderful people and learned a great deal from them about business, life, and Cooke City. Bernie is now deceased and Phyllis runs the store. The awesome people, as well as the awe inspiring scenery of Cooke City has a very special place in my memories. I can't wait to get back home and have a good, long visit with the wise Cooke City-ites of my past. See you all soon.
Stephanie (Supola) Erdmann <[email protected]>
., USA - Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 02:44 PM (EST)

Oh how I loved visiting this site!!!! I recalled such wonderful memories as I read the other entries in the guestbook. I worked in Cooke for 3 years (1964 1965 and 1966). I actually remember you Mike Kay when you worked there. I had a crush on you because you were so tall! I didn't put my name in because I want you to think a few days before I send you an email! I worked at a place known as the "teen center". We had a jukebox and ping pong tables and dancing and refreshments. Then I worked cleaning rooms at a motel and finally worked as a waitress at Watuck. I love Cooke City and hope to return some day. I married Steve Willson who also worked in Cooke for the Forest Service and have two boys, ages 19 and 24. Steve passed away 3 years ago. Peace to all you Cooke City junkies!
St Louis, MO USA - Monday, March 22, 2004 at 21:27:19 (EST) 

What a nice site to find! Some of you may remember me as Rosie's Granddaughter. I spent some of the happiest times of my young life in Cooke (80's mostly). Now I am grown and have my own family. I have 2 boys (5,7) and as soon as I can afford it we WILL visit. I miss the mountains SO much, long walks in the woods, climbing the rock slide, tiny tart mountain strawberries. Yes, Beef Lips! Grandma gave me a love for the mountains that I want to pass on to my children. Julie
Julie Rose (Solberg) Massa <[email protected]>
Rock Island , IL USA - Monday, March 15, 2004 at 06:00:43 (EST) 
Hi: I enjoyed your page. Back in the 1950's when I was a young child, my family paid several summer visits to a friend of my Daddy who owned a motel there in Cooke City. The man's name was Jimmy Beavers, and the motel, I think, was called Beaver Lodge. It backed up to the river, as I recall, and we always stayed in one of the end units that looked back across the mountain. There was a restaurant next door to the motel, and the owners had a little girl about my age. We played down by the river.In the mid-70's, my husband and I and our then-only son visited Cooke City again, but we didn't stay there that time. At that time, I thought I found the place where we used to stay, but I think only about half of it was still there, and I was told there had been a fire years before.As a child, I was fascinated by the general store in Cooke City, because of all the different kinds of items it offered. I think that was just across the street, maybe a bit catty-corner to the motel. The man who ran it at the time wrote my name in calligraphy. Being from a small Texas town, that was the first time I had ever seen anyone do calligraphy.I have many happy memories of visits there, but as you can tell, time has faded the details. I just feel a pleasant glow when I think about it. The whole area is so beautiful. I was in awe of the Beartooth. The first time we drove over it, my Daddy let out an audible gasp, at one point, having just gotten his first glimpse of Pilot and Index Peaks. It seems he had had a picture, actually of the very scene he was then looking at, on the wall in his office because he thought they were so beautiful, but he had never really been sure where they were. I would like to visit again someday soon. Do you know anything about the Beaver Lodge, or if any part of it is still standing today? Is there another lodging of some sort in that approximate location? I would love to stand by that river and look back at that mountain again. Or maybe I've just put that image together in my head! I'm sure it's all changed after all these years, too, but it is such a pretty picture in my mind's eye.Thank you for your time in reading this note, and for the time it took to put this page together! Marcy Porter 
Marcy Porter <[email protected]>
Hi All Cooke City Renegades! I just read the "Cooke City Page", it's great! I was in Cooke in the Late 1970s and 1980's. I worked for Mort and Betty - when the bar was in the back room and there was no "Elkhorn Saloon" (and now has an even different name and owner), Wayne and Gin (Before it was "Crazy Mama's, then later Cooke Pass Cafe 2, now?), Davie and whats-his-name that ran the Cooke City Corral Cafe - which is no longer a cafe. Cliff Anderson was a cook at the Cooke City Cafe then. He's dead now. So is Mort. Last time I was there, Betty had changed Ma's into a grocery store. All those good folks fired me at one time or another, and I don't blame them a bit: I was pretty bad! BUT BOY DID WE HAVE SOME FUN IN COOKE CITY!!!!! Does anyone remember Cheyenne, with his trailer, "Turtle"? I guess he bought a motorcycle, changed his name to "Wrench", moved to Red Lodge (or?), got married and started beating up his wife. (That's rumor: I don't know it for a fact, but it fits). Anyone remember when Stan (Stan the man) cooked at Ma's? He wore jeans with the knees out, two knives on his belt, motorcycle boots, a sleeveless undershirt, a long pony tail with a headband. He smoked in the kitchen and let the ashes fall onto the grill... Before that the old guy with an old Jeep Wagoneer, Old Bill??? cooked (and drank) at Ma's. He's gone now too. I'll never forget Ma's waitress Jan, careening off the walls between the bar and the cafe. She liked to take her breaks in the bar. Another waitress at Ma's, beautiful, blond Roxie, who's father told her she "was born on a Kansas wheatfield, and would die on a Kansas wheatfield." Remember Sprout? She worked for Ma's for a LONG time! What was that guy's name that owned the (Used to be the Watuk) All Seasons Inn - which is now something else? I can't remember his name, but I can remember him running a bunch of us out of his place, and telling us we couldn't "ever come back!!" It had something to do with a broken picture window in front of his building... Any one remember Guy and Jim, the twins? Last I heard Jim was a preacher in Great Falls, and Guy lived in the Bitterroot. Someone out there might remember my son: Jeff Barnett -- he worked at the Cooke City Corral, Bill and Joan's at the Pass, Log Cabin Cafe in Silver Gate, and a bunch of other places over the years. He LOVED Beef Lips -- but so did we all! He was a friend of Vicki and Crazy Bob -- who was later badly injured in a snow mobile accident. Also, my daughter Anna -- who was known as Pack-Head at the time, spent her summers in Cooke. Actually, she also went to school in Gardner one year when we stayed through the Fall. Her first job ever was at the little drive in food place, Two Bears -- was that the name of it? She was about 12. Do you remember Jim Greenley? He was an outfitter and a bad news guy in the early '80s. Had a son named Rick, I think. They were from Alaska. Do you remember Kenny Busch -- he tended bar at Mort's. And then there was Rickie, a Hell-raising bartender at Mort's. Can't remember a whole lot about her except her gold tooth, but she sure had some stories to tell! Remember the cabin on Lulu? I spent one whole summer there, doing laundry in the creek with red water, chasing off souvenir hunters with my .22 rifle, using the mickey-mouse (but cool) sauna, firing up the three, count 'em three wood stoves in the cabin when it got cold. I didn't steal any of the wood stoves, but later on someone else did. Anyone recall Bill Hansen, Bob Watts, Gene Wade and the mine exploration that took place in the early 80's on Daisy Pass? They used the "Old Post Office" as their headquarters. That was just the beginning of the recent mine fiasco in Cooke City. Last, but not least, I remember the terrible accident between Cooke City and Silver Gate that took the lives of several young people who were there for the summer -- now there forever. Well, I want to thank you for getting me to recall the "good old days" at Cooke City. If anyone has any UPDATES on the events and people I knew, I'd LOVE to hear about it!!!! e-mail me at [email protected]. Sincerely, Marie (Harris) Watts, also known as "Cooke City Slugger" which in itself indicates some of what was going on during those years. 
Marie (Harris) Watts <[email protected]>
Srephenson, MT USA - Friday, March 12, 2004 at 14:36:06 (EST) 

Cooke City is a very special place. I'm not a snow person, so am looking forward to summer 2004.
Bob Johnson <> 
Middlesex, NJ USA - Saturday, March 06, 2004 at 07:50:51 (EST) 

Cooke City is a very special place. I'm not a snow person, so am looking forward to summer 2004.
Bob Johnson <> 
Middlesex, NJ USA - Saturday, March 06, 2004 at 07:50:51 (EST) 

I spent time in Cooke City in the summers of 1967 and 1968 whike attending a ski camp. I will be returning for the first time since then this year.Cooke City is a place I will never forget and am looking forward to my visit with my wife who has never been to Montana.
Jim Barrett <[email protected]>
Acworth , Ga USA - Monday, March 01, 2004 at 15:43:50 (EST) 

"DUDE" I know we have had some conflicts in the past but I want you to know that they are in the past. I don't know if you ever did anything to hurt me, but if you did it is water under the bridge. Remember the time the meteor blew and flashed and spooked all the horse in the middle of the night. I hope your doing well. Larry
Larry Brooks <[email protected]>
USA - Friday, February 27, 2004 at 21:36:40 (EST) 

interesting site i enjoyed my stay.
Ringtones <[email protected]>
New York, NY USA - Thursday, February 26, 2004 at 18:56:56 (EST) 

In 1974 I worked for the Forest Service near Cooke City. It is a magnificently beautiful place. I want to visit this year for the first time in 26 years. I hope it hasn't changed too much.
Paula Mehan 
Lead, SD USA - Monday, February 23, 2004 at 12:03:32 (EST) 

Reading through this site sure brings back the memories! I was in Cooke City way back then and I'm still here! I played in a band around the area and it's surprising how many people remember those "good 'ol days"! Anyway, the "Beef Lips" Don't play too often anymore but you never know... We're still alive & kicking! So, thanks for remembering! Jeff
Jeff Menuey <[email protected]>
USA - Friday, February 13, 2004 at 10:04:38 (EST) 

Hi, I've never been to your fair city, but have seen lots of nice photos of the area. Looks like a beautiful place. The photos I saw came from my friend Jeri Harper. He talked alot about the many friends from Cooke City he had. Does any one know the where abouts of Jeri? He was headed towards St. George, Ut about 4-6 weeks ago. I haven't heard from him, wondering if he made it.
Jan <[email protected]>
Ukiah, CA USA - Wednesday, February 11, 2004 at 10:02:35 (EST) 

Each summer a few friends and myself visit Cooke City as a homebase while we fish the streams in and above Yellowstone National Park. What a magnificent place!
Mark Kracht 
White Rocks, uy USA - Thursday, February 05, 2004 at 12:17:10 (EST) 

Wow, We were surprised to find this site. We lived and worked at the Soda Butte Lodge from Sept. 2000- Dec. 2000. Then engaged, we are now married. And we didn't leave empty handed, our now two year old daughter, Laura, was made there. Some of the best memories of our life! So beautiful there. How is everyone, Tim, Kathy & Frank, Patty, Joan and Bill. We are still in New Hampshire, plan on taking a trip back out there as soon as Laura is old enough. Wishing everyone health and happiness!!
Curt and Krissy Edsall <[email protected]>
NH USA - Wednesday, February 04, 2004 at 11:55:20 (EST) 
You don't realize how much you miss cooke until visiting this website! We lived in cooke with our two labs, MOCHA and ALEX on and off from summer 92 to spring 94. Lets see we worked just about everywhere.....miner's bartender, elkhorn, all seasons, prep cook & dishwasher @joan and bills. we lived in a few different spots, duplex across from the pine tree rest., old streamline trailer down near DUDE'S cabin. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW DUDE IS DOING, ALSO CHIPS, FRANK AND KATHY, AND KIM AND SHERRY, MARCIE? Anyway lots of love to all the cooke city survivors:)STAY WARM!!!!!!!!!!!!
alan and andrew kuperstein <[email protected]>
winter park, fl USA - Tuesday, February 03, 2004 at 04:14:26 (EST) kee 
Hi to everyone that I partied and made friends with in the summer/Fall/ winter of I think it was 96/97?? I had so much fun . I am sober now no booze for four years Cooke City really showed me a new way to drink. I bottomed out there, I wonder if I'd like it as much now that I'm not a drunk. Anyone who knew me I'm Andrea I dated Ryan Leahy for tthat year. I am moving back to MT. in a year and would love to hookup with some of the peaple I knew. Sarah, my friend from Alabama____________??? Bernie Feldcamp? I rented from Gay, did they eventually flatten those cabins? I miss Cooke ! The most beautiful place in the world!08879

Andrea Strand <[email protected]>
Big Sur, , Ca. USA - Saturday, January 31, 2004 at 03:28:54 (EST) 

I worked in Cooke City in 1977. I enjoy visiting this site and it brings back great memories. The folks I worked with were great, the mountains were beautiful and the fishing was teriffic! Thanx
Steven Bishop 
Long Beach, CA USA - Wednesday, January 28, 2004 at 20:53:20 (EST) 

Gene's folk, Ruth and Gene Wade, would be thrilled to see their names on this website. Gene's dad especially was into promotion for Cooke City long before anyone else. He would be on the web everyday. We have lots of stories about Watuck Lodge and the 40's, 50's and 60's plus some photos. Marilyn Wade
Gene Wade 
Billings,, Mt USA - Sunday, January 18, 2004 at 11:42:18 (EST) 
Hi Everyone, Testing the new guestbook setup, and apologizing to those who's entry I lost in the transition! 
Mike Kay <[email protected]>
Meeker, CO USA - Saturday, January 17, 2004 at 21:09:54 (EST) 

Spent some fun summers in Cooke. I miss the old A-frame just outside of town. Visiting with the Menueys, Dave, Rosie, Mitch and Jeff was always a treat. Where are you Jeff? Are you still playing your guitar and singing? Remember when my family and I all came to your cabin and you and I played guitars? (I was horrible, you were terrific!) Hope to get to Cooke City soon. 
Susan Rasmussen <[email protected]>
Yorba Linda, CA USA - Thursday, January 04, 2004 at 14:59:45 (EST) 

cheryl lowe <[email protected]>
Arlington , tx USA - Thursday, January 08, 2004 at 14:13:35 (EST) 
Just thought I'd leave a note to say hi! I was hanging in Cooke for a few summers in the mid-90's, working at Joan and Bill's and partying with the Cooke City Cream. I was another one from Maryland, along with Adam and Shawn, and brought Chris AKA On-The-Road and my crazy girlfriend Tonya. Hoped to move back, with baby in belly in 1998, but unreal events ended me in Flagstaff, AZ, and back to Maryland. Was lucky to get a visit there from Chris and Patty, and a few from Shawn, before moving to the DC area. Now I'm finally back out west again to CO with 5-yr old Saer and husband Joshua. I'll be up in town soon, though, coincidentally, work on the Beartooth Highway is leading me back to town. And I can't wait to be back in town again. See you soon! 
Karen Amrhein AKA Groovy <[email protected]>
Castle Rock, co USA - Thursday, January 08, 2004 at 14:11:44 (EST) 
December 19, 2003: My husband, Wayne Schulz, and I met at Chico Hot Springs where we both worked the front desk in 2002. Wayne had come up from Cooke where he had lived and worked that winter, to fill in for me while I was out on leave. He has related a number of stories about Cooke to me, some of which he wasn't very proud of, but he always had a good word for Joan's pies. If anyone knows Wayne, know that he is doing well, getting healthy, and is a friend of Bill W's. I still say it was Divine Intervention that brought us together at a low point in both of our lives. Take care everyone, have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Blessed New Year! 
Lois Anne Starr-Schulz <[email protected]>
Livingston, Montana, USA - Thursday, January 08, 2004 at 14:10:14 (EST) 
Seasons Greetings to all of you wonderful folks who love Cooke City as I do! May God Bless you in the new year!
Barbara Simmons 
Broken arrow, ok USA - Thursday, January 08, 2004 at 14:08:43 (EST) 
January 12, 1994 I took the bus from Wausau, WI to Cooke City, MT. What a peaceful move that was. I worked at All Season's Inn when Darrell and Patricia Crabb owned it. What a treat that was. I miss so many of you have/not will ever forget you. I sure would like to hear from my little buddy Erin Lynch (Mousey). Does anyone remember her or know how I can reach her? Here are some people I knew back then: Ricky Porter, Jim Karen, Dave (Erin Lynch), Chips, Joanne, Chris Warren, Frank Kathy (trail groomers), Dick (owned restaurant), Josh, Mike (owners son of Minors saloon), Cliff (Sammy), Kim, George, Mark (Al Bundy), Frank, Greg Nelson, Rick Vicky (Brother Sister), Guy (how's buster), Ned, Ramone, Wayne. Two of my local (billings) favorites were Joe Ratcliff Jimmy Jones. I have meet so many vistors that I miss dearly think of everyone often. If anyone know's of any of these people please contact me. I had the most healing time in my life when I moved there needed it desperatly. I then moved to Red Lodge, MT where there are more precious memories. God Bless all of you that came into my life those I helped. The mountains sure looked fake when I 1st arrived the air I will never forget. Sure wish I was still there to this day. Homesickness is what got to me. I am sure glad I came to this site. I have alot of stories to tell if you would like to hear them. I remember seeing all snow never relized there was a fence in front of my cabin unitl spring (came early the year I was there). Take care to all. 
Barb Rueger (Cheezy) <[email protected]>
Schofield, wi USA - Thursday, January 08, 2004 at 14:06:49 (EST) 
I passed through Cooke City right after a long dry 9 day hike and camp in east yellowstone. Stayed at the Alpine Motel. This place, Cooke City, kinda rubs off on you a little when you leave. My soon-to-be wife and I will be headed through this way in June '04 after our wedding on the way to Jackson. 
Brian Heath <[email protected]>
Springfield, mo USA - Thursday, January 08, 2004 at 14:04:27 (EST) 
Hi this is Dan and we have a cabin about a half mile away from cooke city. We visit about two to three times a year. We love going into the park and we love this country. Its a great place to be. We love the great people in cooke city and we think it's a wonderful place in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
Dan Solberg and Family 
Fargo ND, USA - Thursday, January 08, 2004 at 14:02:45 (EST) 
I worked in Cooke City in 1965, 1968 and 1969 for the Bureau of Public Roads. In 1965 we were surveying and building about a 5 or 6 mile stretch of highway from the Montana/Wyoming line down past Fox and Index Creeks to just a little beyond the Clarkfork River crossing. We built a new bridge at that location. Tom Edick was the project enginer. Bob Rickman was on the crew along with Mike Kay, John Yackey, Bill Jones and others. We got acquainted with Bill and Betty Somers. Vicky and Rick were pretty young then as were our two girls. We did lots of picnics, hiking, sightseeing, hunting and fishing. Sam Brady was at the general store then of course and we got to know him well. Anybody remember Wildcat ? Thats the only name I remember him by. Played a ukulele and sang at some of the local bars, mostly Hoosiers. He lived at and took care of a fraternity house in Ann Arbor, Michigan during the school year I believe. One of his favorite songs was Abdul Abulbul Amir who fought Ivan Skavinsky Skavar. I not making this up !! This song was written in 1877 by Percy French. Abdul (a Turk) did battle with Ivan (a Russian). It's a long ballad, about 15 verses and Wilcat sang it well. Grace owned and ran Hoosiers then. One of our favorite fishing places was the Yellowstone River upstream or downstream from Tower Jct. Of course the Lamar was good and Slough Creek. Vince Mus was just building the Mus Rest Motel then which is now the High Country I believe. We get back to Cooke about every other year or so and spend a few days. It's about 7500 ft. above sea level on the main street of Cooke I think. I believe the big Watuck Lodge was just being built at that time. Gene Wade built a smaller one first across the street and up a block or so. Near the old post office. Nick Babaluk had the Union 76 station then and some cabins. I'll think of more later about 1968-69.......Warren Frame.. 
Warren frame 
Ronan, mt USA - Thursday, January 08, 2004 at 14:00:33 (EST) 
Does anyone know or remember Shirl Felts? (worked at Watuck) If so see if she will get in touch with me. She's one of those people you just kick yourself in the ass for letting out of your life. Thanks Larry Brooks 
Larry Brooks <[email protected]>
Bend , OR USA - August 22, 2003 at 14:34:06 (EST) 
Visiting lovely Cooke City in October 2003! 
Debbie Fuchs <[email protected]>
Millington, MD USA - August 24, 2003 at 14:33:13 (EST) 
We had a great time in cooke city four wheeling and looking around we will be back late January thanks for a great time. You don't know how nice it is till you stay there for a time. THANKS FOR SHARING IT WITH US. 
WALLY+VICKI <[email protected]>
WI USA - Thursday, January 08, 2003 at 14:31:19 (EST) 
Use to visit on business with Yamaha. I lost contact with Boyd and would sure like to find him. I'm ready to snowmobile again. August 28, 2003
Bill Burbank <[email protected]>
Fullerton, ca USA - August 24, 2003 at 14:30:22 (EST) 
30 years? It doesn't seem possible! SUE and RALPH GlIDDEN of the Cooke City Store are moving on. The store has been sold and this is their final year. 
Cooke City Renegade 
Billings , mt USA - Thursday, September 04 2003at 14:29:09 (EST) 
JOHN GOODMAN <[email protected]>
Linz Astrial, USA - Thursday, September 05, 2003 at 14:27:56 (EST) 
Every summer we journey forth to the beautiful northwest. One of our must do advenntures is to travel the Beartooth Highway and have lunch in Cooke City. No pun intended, the area is uplifting and gives us a sense of renewal. We're looking forward to our next visit in 2004. Have a delightful winter and spring. 
Lanny and Linda Powell <[email protected]>
east moline, il USA - Thursday, September 12 2003 at 14:26:53 (EST) 
i thought Cooke City was great.I had visited many western cities and Cooke was one of my favorites 
tyler beckwith <[email protected]>
los angeles, ca USA - September 13, 2003 at 14:25:28 (EST) 
cool town loved the guy across the streets with the wood bears he was a character 
mike thulin <[email protected]>
Charlotte, nc USA - Thursday, September 18, 2003 at 14:24:09 (EST) 
I worked at the Grizzly Lodge in the summer of '87. It made a lasting impression on my life. Thank you! 
Kristi <[email protected]>
Santa Barbara, CA USA - Thursday, September 26, 2003 at 14:22:41 (EST) 
i was just in jackson hole and yellowstone on my harley along with my wife.the hotel where we stayed in jackson told us about beartooth highway but we didnt have time to ride it as nice and scenic as tetons and yellowstone? tony sims 
tony sims <[email protected]>
Cleveland, TN USA - Thursday, October 05, 2003 at 14:21:29 (EST) 
This is a very sad time in Cooke City. Fall is definitely here with winter just around the corner. This afternoon I will be leaving Cooke - just as all of my friends have in the last few weeks. Businesses shut down for the next few months as they await the snow mobile enthusists. I will miss all of my friends - and surprisingly many of the wonderful tourists who I came in contact with this year. God Bless you all! 
Sam Woyjta 
Bismark, nd USA - Thursday, October 01, 2003 at 14:20:14 (EST) 
Cooke City. What a beautiful place. I was there withe some friends August of this year. It still seems like yesterday. I can still feel the cool air and smell the wonderful smells of the Montana wilderness. I will be back one day but I know it won't be soon enough. What a hidden treasure! 
Kevin Cox <[email protected]>
Hilltop Lakes, TX USA - October 14, 2003 at 14:19:25 (EST) 
Well, I want to say hi to the people who run this website because they actually came and visited me at the YTP this summer in Cooke. I am unfortunately back in my home town, and I really wish i could be back in cooke. 
Tara Wood <[email protected]>
Big Timber, MT USA - Saturday, October 18, 2003 at 14:18:08 (EST) 
Hey.....just visited Cooke City 10/11/03. I and the folks I was traveling with say "thanks" to the people at The Alpine Inn. Nice clean, warm rooms with Color TV and HBO!!!!! We had a fun time!! 
Debbie <[email protected]>
millington, MD USA - Monday, October 27, 2003 at 14:17:03 (EST) 
The summer of '77. What a summer! I was one of the "Ohio crowd" who went to Cooke city to work at the Watucke. Jim Schmidt, Audrey, Lynn Nuesse, Jane Hall and others came out as well. I ended up marrying Lynn in '82 and we had two girls. Lynn just passed away about 18 months ago. Wow the times we we had. Camping up at Goose Lake, going to the "Hot Pots" in the middle of the night, late nights at Ma Perkins or in Silver Gate. I remember the bears coming down in July and going through the garbage bins outside the Watuck every night around 11:30 or so. I cannot believe how much we drank that summer. Enough for a lifetime but it was great at the time. I have always wanted to get back to Cooke City with my girls to show them where mom and dad lived but have not made it back yet. I will though. I have travelled all over the world on business and Cooke City stands out as one of the most unique and beautiful places I have ever been. If anyone from the summer of '77 sees this drop me a line..........Dan 
Dan Dempsey <[email protected]>
GA USA - Wednesday, October 29, 2003 at 03:17 PM (EST)

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