Meeker Area Fishing

 We've created this page so that you, as a visitor to the area will know about most of the opportunities available and will be able to spend more time fishing, and less time looking. we rely on the decision of some property owners to let us onto their property and hope that you will respect all private property currently open to you. But, if you're the type who likes to litter, trespass on private property, take more fish than you need without practicing "catch and release" or the type that disregards Game and Fish laws, please stop now.


Lakes accessible by car.


  • Lake Avery. Created by the Division of Wildlife in 1966, Lake Avery is approximately 20 miles east of Meeker on County Road 8. Normally an excellent fishery, the lake is seldom overfished. Morning is the most productive time, late evening good also.
  • Meadow Lake. This high mountain lake is accessible from late June until the snow files. The setting is beautiful. The inlet area is a favorite with fly fishermen, while bait fishermen favor the dam area. A very nice campground is located by the lake, but it often fill up on friday nights during the summer months. Current Forest Service regulations permit you to set up camp nearby in the forest if you arrive and find the campgroung full. This lake is about 35 miles from Meeker, just off of the Buford-Newcastle road.
  • Trapper's Lake. A natural breeding ground for a relatively pure strain of native cutthroat trout. A beautiful setting. A fly fisherman's paradise. No motorized craft. The lake does require a short (1/4 mi) hike from parking area. Several campgrounds surround the lake. The lake is 50 miles east of Meeker. Take C R 8 east for 40 miles, turn off on the Trapper's lake road. This great Photo is from "Island of the Rockies". A Video of the White River Wilderness area.
  • Vaughn Lake. Located just over Ripple Creek Pass, approximately 53 miles from Meeker on the Scenic Byway (County Road 8). A campground sit nicely in an Aspen grove.

River Access

Check Water Flow on the White.

The mileages shown below are referenced on county road 8. Drive between the markers first to get an idea of the limits of the open fishing areas.
  • Meeker City Park. This often overlooked section of water has produced some outstanding results. It does not receive as much pressure as you might think. Look for Rainbow, Brown and native Cutthroat Trout. The river is open from Circle Park to the 10th St bridge.
  • Nelson-Prather Access. Located on the south side of the road, just past the #2 mile post, is a parking area. A stile helps you over the fence to a trail that leads to the river.
  • Wakara Ranch Access. This area is reached by travelling east on County Road 8 to the #5 mile post. At this point, County Road 4 intersects from the south. Turn south to the Wilbur Bridge over the White River. Access is provided downstream for 0.4 mi to the edge of the Wakara Ranch.
  • Sleepy Cat Access. Take County Road 8 east to the 14.5 mile marker. On the right you will notice 3 small ponds (Sleepy Cat Ponds) between the road and the river. The river is open to fishing from the ponds upstream for almost two miles. You may access the east end of this stretch by driving to the 16.4 mile post to a parking lot with a stile over the fence.
  • Rio Blanco County Access. At mile post 24.1, County Road 14 (not marked) intersects. Turn right 0.1 mile to the county campground. The river is open downstream through the county picnic area.
  • Lost Creek Access. Access begins at the U.S. Forest Service Lost Creek Guard Station (mile post 30.5 on CR 8) and continues upstream to the fence at mile post 33.6.
  • Snell Creek Access. County Road 8. Mile post 36.3. White River National Forest. This access begins just below Snell Creek and goes upstream to just below the confluence of Ripple Creek.
    Dozens of high mountain lakes are open to the angler who wants to hike in. Or, click off to the home page of some of our guest lodges who offer pack trips into the more productive lakes!
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