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Eagle's Nest Outfitting welcomes you to the White River Valley and Flat Tops Wilderness - areas of incredible beauty and history. From the extremely experienced explorer yearning for unique adventure, to the novice discovering the back country for the first time - We get you there!
Experience the vast unspoiled backcountry of the scenic Flat Tops Wilderness area.
Experience the adventure and exquisite natural beauty of a wilderness playground. Bring your friends, family or business associates and get closer to nature and to each other. A new wilderness adventure or wildlife experience awaits around every bend and over every hill. You will pass through a majestic wonderland of scenic wonders and vistas that will hold you spellbound. High mountain alpine trails lead to indescribable mountain lakes. Colorful wildflowers carpet alpine meadows and groves of quaking aspen trees shade the sun while glistening on the trout filled lakes and streams. Beauty abounds in our wilderness paradise.

White River Country Wilderness Adventures Eagle's Nest Outfitting of northwest Colorado invites you to embark on one of the most exciting adventures you will ever have. This is a unique opportunity to spend several days photographing, fishing, hiking, riding, or just plain relaxing. Pack in with us and discover the undiscovered. Few have had an opportunity to venture into the Flat Tops Wilderness of the White River and Routt National Forest. This is truly an under-explored area in the high country that you need to experience for yourself. It will be a vacation to remember. Explore on horseback and enjoy all that mountain life has to offer. Several days of fresh mountain air, relaxation, spectacular scenery, and hearty western meals await you. Bring your sleeping bag, personal gear, and sense of adventure and we will provide the rest. Trips through the heart of the Flat Tops Wilderness area are scheduled for your pleasure. A congenial, experienced staff will do the packing, plan the camps and prepare the meals. Call and we will custom tailor an outdoor recreational trip that will fit your needs. Bring your friends along for an experience that will last a lifetime.

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