Cooke City, Where to Stay and Where to Eat!

 Please keep in mind, as you read my recommendations on nice places in Cooke City, that I do not charge any fee to be on this site, nor do I accept any gratitudes.


My favorite place to stay in Cooke City is in the Sinclair cabins. The cabins were built many years ago by my friend Nick Babiluk. They are rustic, but nicely updated. The price is excellent. Good Coffee in the station. You will like the owners - Steve and Lisa.

  The "Grizzly Pad" is worth stopping at. Owner Janet Burbach is on site and will be certain your meal is prepared properly and served correctly. Prices are good.

 The Bistro. Joan and Bill's restaurant was a local favorite for many years in Cooke City. The family sold out and it became the Bistro. Carter Gowl, the photographer, lives in the Cooke City area for about 4 1/2 months each year and provides this quote, "You've got to try the Bistro. In my opinion, it beats anything in Bozeman." This recommendation is based upon the evening meals only.