Horn Miller, discoverer of Cooke City, MT


 John F. Curl, Horn Miller and Joe Brown

 Cooke City, Montana, Yellowstone's first border community is older than the park. It was established in 1870 when a party of miners that included Adam "Horn" Miller, A. Bart Henderson, and Ed Hibbard struck gold outside what would become the future park's northeast boundary. The strike was promising enough that the men took up residence and established a townsite that they named the "New World Mining District." In later years, the miners tried to persuade the Northern Pacific Railroad to lay a spur line out to their diggings, and they renamed the town "Cooke City" after Jay Cooke, president of the Northern Pacific Railroad, as an added enticement. The rail line was never built, but the name stuck, and Cooke City, Montana, remains today a beautiful mountain hamlet three miles outside the Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone.

  Horn Miller And Col. John W. Redington
Col. J.W. Redington and Horn Miller worked together as scouts for General howard during the Nez Perce chase. Redington later became Editor of the Heppner Gazette. He published a book on their exploits called "Scouting in Montana in the 1870's". The book is no longer available, however it is widely quoted in works about the Nez Perce chase. Redington and Miller remained life long friends. Two letters and an envelope are listed below showing correspondence between the two friends. The letters were part of the momentos saved by Mary Margaret Curl. It appears, that as a young child, she used the paper for notes and doodling

 Letter1 from Reddington

 Letter2 from Reddington

 Envelope, addressed to Horn Miller at Cinnabar MT.


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 Prior to his death, Horn Miller expressed a desire to be buried under a large tree in the Cooke City Cemetery, facing to the East. He wanted to face the rising sun. His wishes were carried out. This photo was taken Memorial Day, 2004


 Discoverer of Cooke City Montana Dies
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 Horn Miller's Cabin


 Horn Miller's Headstone