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[email protected] Hi this is e-mail from Karol Paulicka, Martin Uram and Jana Adamcikova. Looks like we were first SLOVAKs (Slovak republic) who worked in Cooke
City , MT. So we were kind of explorers and it was great. The summer 2002 has just ended and we are back to school at university in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. But we have plenty of great memories. Working at Beartooth Cafe we spent great summer there surrounded by beautiful nature and pretty and nice people. These are our greetings to
Gary and Sabina Brown, Pat and Debie Mayers owners of Cafe, Scott, Vickie and "Mikaela" (sorry for spelling) managers, Paula , Craig and Phillip and Tiff as cooks and all the wait staff of summer 2002 : Bobbie, Kim, Audrey,Linda,Glen, Kathy, Terry, Brian. Regards to Bistro, Miners, Sinclair and Grizlli pad staff too. And of cours greatest girls
from Yellowstone trading post !!! All great places with nice people. Thank you guys and see you next summer. ( [email protected] )

Shawna (Patterson) Koch Hello, stumbled across the Cooke City website and had to add my story. I worked in Cooke City in 1987 at the 2nd Edition (Joan and Bill Humiston). My older brother Bob, was married to Patti Humiston at the time and my son (Shawn) and I lived out at Cooke Pass with Bob and Patti. I must say it was quite a summer, did a lot of partying (too much) at the Range Rider and the Elkhorn. What can I say? It was my summer for fun!! Anyway, I met my husband,(also a Bob) in Cooke City. We married in 1989 and have a 10 year old son. Bob had his horses and wagon in Cooke and was giving trail rides and wagon rides. We called him Cowboy Bob because there was my brother Bob and Bob Smith at the Sinclair across the street (called Bob Smith Crime Dog), all the Bob's was kinda confusing. Had a great summer that year, went into hunting camp (Frenchy's Meadow in the Slough Creek area) Bob shot a 7 x 8 and I helped him pack it out. Time of my life!! What I really remember most about that summer was absolutely dreading seeing Ronnie Wright and his crew come in the cafe because they always ordered steak and eggs and chocolate milkshakes!!!!! ARGH!! I didn't leave Joan and Bills on the best of terms, but I was a good employee and worked hard. I left knowing I was being true to myself and that's all that matters.
All in all my summer in Cooke City was perfect, met and married my wonderful husband and have a happy home in Hamilton Montana. We go back once in a while and plan a trip sometime soon. Haven't kept in touch with anyone, lost touch with Patti after she divorced my brother, family loyalty and all that you know. I do remember a couple of names and faces, Patti's Aunt Ann- she was always really nice to me. And Stephanie, she was from Texas and her boyfriend worked for Ronnie Wright. Jeff and Bonnie, married students from Bozeman - don't know where they ended up. Well, I guess I've traveled far enough down memory lane. Enjoyed all your letters.

Jeni Hust I worked at the Log Cabin Cafe during the summer of 1992 and lived in the loft upstairs at the Range Riders. I turned 19 that summer but told everyone I was 21 and did they let me drink?? Oh Yeah! I remember Beef Lips, "the annex" in Cooke that I think burned down, my favorite was carmel shakes at the Little Bear Drive-Inn! I'm from Nebraska and never in my life did I ever expect to be seeing snow and actually Sledding in the middle of summer!
I've lost track of a lot of people I knew back then due to geography mainly, but does anyone remember Shawna Niles?
For all of you that are still there, you are the smartest people I know. That is truly God's country. Jeni Hust [email protected]

Melissa Forrester I worked out in Cooke City in 78 and 79. I went out with the gang from Ohio State to work the Watuck. That lasted about two weeks when two other gals, Jan and Sally and I went to work for Burggraf Construction. I have enjoyed reading all the stories, especially Marie Watts byline, I remembered everyone there. She left out the Kersey Kid, Harold Crabb and his on again off again wife Kim. I remember Kim trying to sing Silver Threads and Golden Needles with a band at Hoosiers one night.
It was hilarious. Sitting by the campfire and letting Whisker Bill cook the cutthroat trout we caught up at Kersey Lake...the hotpots...the sauna on Daisy Pass...the fistfight and gunfight between Tom Hoe and Stan the Cook....the Grizzly Bears.....the DRINKING.....Jan the waitress..........What ever happened to Kathy from Missouri? Was it Branger who owned
the cabins at the west end of town.....Did that house that Rusty, K.W. and all ever get finished? Wylie and his wife who pedaled from Canada on the Montgomery Ward's bike....Gene Wade the Crook..... I could go on forever what fond seems like yesterday. In any event I actually made it through nursing school on my return to Ohio and have been in practice for twenty years. I love my career, but all the jobs I had in Cooke are the most favorite. Take care to all those people who we crossed paths back in those crazy days in Cooke. Fondly, Melissa P.S. I'd love to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Hunter I have been coming to Cookecity every summer for years. Just got back from there last week. I never stay long but seems I just have to come through there. Cookecity is a beautiful place. All of you who live there should be real proud of it.

Valerie Whisenhunt, I took a Greyhound bus from Boston to Billings and worked in Cooke City for about six weeks in the summer of 1968 for Mrs. Nordquist who owned the Nordquist Cabins. It was my first introduction to rustic living and being 21 years old, it was quite an eye-opener for a "city girl". I didn't get to see much of the area as I was working all day cleaning the cabins for the guests that would arrive each evening. I've often wondered whatever happened to the cabins and to Mrs. Nordquist, but never knew how to find out. I've attached a picture that I took of some of the cabins that were part of the Nordquist cabins in 1968. I have a few others if anyone is interested. Photo

Vicki Denniston.I have been coming to Cooke City since I was a little baby, as a matter of fact, I was almost born up here. My parents owned what is now the Skyline Guide Service, the night I was born was the day of the horse trip and my mom barely made it to the hospital. I started working here in 1990 at Joan and Bill's and now I work at the Trading Post. I remember dancing the the Range Riders Lodge, sitting by the fires and singing songs nobody knew, and especially playing foosball at Miners. Cooke City has always been my home and will continue to be always.

Scott Denniston. I have been coming to Cooke City for six summers now. My first summer I lived with my buddy Aaron and his dog Dillon in Ewok Village. We made a campfire pit with seats all around. There were many nights when all the seats were full. Anybody who could play an instrument was included in the nights recital. Beer was usually present but the nights no one can remember well were usually ended in a bottle of Jaggermeister. The festivities usually went on to four in the morning with one or more persons sleeping next to the burning embers. But those Ewok days are over since the big money people bought it and now use it for nothing. There are a few skeletons of cabins remaining with memories locked up tight inside.
Cooke City has been a great place to live. I found my wife here and we were married on top of Cooke Pass at the Jackson's Skyline Guide Service. What a great day. I am glad my daughter, Mikayla, is now seeing the town and getting some memories for herself. My wife Vicki has been coming here for twelve years now and has worked at Joan and Bills, the Yellowstone Trading Post, and the Beartooth Cafe. She would like to hear from any Joan and Bills workers from 90-95.

Marsha Fleenor I didn't work in Cooke City but I loved visiting the town. My daughter and I were summer employees at Yellowstone the summer of 2001. I worked in
Reservations and Karen worked as hostess/waitress at the Mammoth Hot Springs
Restaurant. Karen was a Yellowstone summer employee in '98 and after seeing
her photos and hearing her stories, I knew I had to have that same
experience. I did an on-line application a year before I knew I was
available to go. I guess I never really thought about getting hired but
when the postcard arrived saying my application was being processed, I knew
it was time to tell Karen I needed her to go back to Yellowstone with me!
It did not take much too persuade her to go back and to be my roommate for
the summer in the Terraces dorm at Mammoth. It was truly the most awesome summer of my life - to live in Yellowstone,work there, and be able to see so much beautiful scenery. The BeartoothHighway had to be the best part of the whole summer. I literally wore my
eyes out the first time we drove over there and crossed the highway over to
Red Lodge. I felt as if we were on top of the world and guess what? WE
WERE! We loved camping at the Beartooth Campground. We had lunch at a Bistro in Cooke City. A nice guy from the University of Tenn was working there - don't know his name but I think he played on the summer league ball team. I was wearing a tee shirt that said "East Tenn. State Univ." and when we walked in he shouted from the back of the
restaurant, "oh, my gosh, I've got friends who attend East Tenn. State." He
was very nice and we were disappointed he wasn't our waiter. Anyway.......
I highly recommend everyone who can to take a summer off and work at Cooke
City or Yellowstone. It will truly be the best time of your entire life! I
think about it every day and this time last year I was there and not in this
hot, dry, ugly eastern NC! I'm going back some summer to work again! Cooke City is the place!

Rob Blom Hello from Cottage Grove, Oregon! I worked at Mammoth waiting tables during the 2001 summer season and was able to make my way up to Cooke City and over Beartooth Pass. A coworker from Mammoth and I stopped and ate at the Beartooth Cafe and had a great time (and the food was awesome!). I cannot describe the beauty of
that area. On top of Beartooth I believe, me and my pal, suffered complete sensory overload if that is possible. I'll be back to visit this summer.....several times. This site is great! Take Care, Rob Blom

Stephanie (Supola) Erdmann - My first summer in Cooke happened to be the summer of '88; the year Yellowstone burned. I was working as a waitress for Joan and Bill at
their restaurant in town. Most everyone working that summer left to fight fires, so those of us that stuck around were very busy as the town was filled with firefighters, smokejumpers, military personnel, and media. The community really pulled together in this trying period.
That summer didn't scare me away though. I continued working in Cooke for the next three summers and even made it through (almost!) one winter. I held numerous jobs waiting tables at Joan and Bill's, bartending at Hoosier's and Miner's, and one summer Bill Somers even talked me into being the dump attendant. Or as others affectionately referred to me "the dump queen."
The summers of '90 and '91 were spent working for Bernie and Phyllis Kiley at the Yellowstone Trading Post. I had the pleasure of working for two wonderful people and learned a great deal from them about business, life, and Cooke City. Bernie is now deceased and Phyllis runs the store.
The awesome people, as well as the awe inspiring scenery of Cooke City has a very special place in my memories. I can't wait to get back home and have a good, long visit with the wise Cooke City-ites of my past. See you all soon.

Louise Phillipson. Hello from Newcastle, England I stayed in and around Cooke City for about a month during the summer of 1997 and had a fantastic time! I was visiting the area to collect some information for my dissertation on lake chemistry, so spent some of the time camping higher in the Beartooth Mountains, overlooking the Beartooth Highway. It is such a beautiful place and I have some wonderful memories and awesome photographs! In Cooke City I stayed with a group of american conservation students in a cabin opposite the Cafe which served the most amazing fruit milkshakes. I would love to and intend to visit again some time, hopefully with some friends as they would love it too!

Donna Knutson. I have been reading all the emails from people like me who bonded with Cooke City while working there. I was a Waitress at Ma Perkins during the summer of 1974 and have been a frequent visitor since.

Stacy Bang. I lived in Cooke City during the summers of 1973 and 1974 and have some memories to share also. What a great "Cooke City" site! Thanks

Carter Gowl. I worked for Gene Wade for three months in the summer of 1964. Our 6-8 man logging crew locally cut and milled all of the timber used to build the Watuck Lodge - later renamed the All Seasons and now the Soda Butte. The primary equipment used was an army surplus 1942 Chevrolet 2 1/2 ton truck with a winch and probably the original brake shoes. As I remember, the population of all three towns then was about a dozen people, but there were more saloons than presently. My family stayed at Whispering Pines (Ray Scholtz) in Silver Gate during a two week fishing trip every summer from 1946 (when I was old enough to remember) until 1963. Since 1991 I've spent 2-4 months every summer in Cooke City (plus an occasional winter trip) as a professional landscape photographer. I'm addicted to the Beartooths (Beartoothaholic?).

Liz Jackson. You have a really cool site. It was very interesting to read the imput from others who have been here. I worked at the "Watuck" the summer of 1978 and married Vic Jackson (whose family has been in the Cooke Pass area since the mines were operating way back when...) and we've been here- giving horseback rides, guiding fishing and hunting every summer since. This is our first time to be open for business in the winter. It is awesomely gorgeous up here with the mountains in their snowy white dress.
So, we knew Pat and Darrell Crabb, and were here the summer of the tragedy that took their son. David Menuey went to school up here with our daughter, who loved it when he brought his guitar to school. We knew of the young man in the snowmobile accident, and so, reading through your "guest book" really brought back some memories. Thanks for maintaining such a cool site featuring the place we love best.

Dan Dempsey. The summer of '77. What a summer! I was one of the "Ohio crowd"
who went to Cooke city to work at the Watucke. Jim Schmidt, Audrey, Lynn Nuesse, Jane Hall and others came out as well. I ended up marrying Lynn in '82 and we had two girls. Lynn just passed away about 18 months ago. Wow the times we we had. Camping up at Goose Lake, going to the "Hot Pots" in the middle of the night, late nights at Ma Perkins or in Silver Gate. I remember the bears coming down in July and going through the garbage bins outside the Watuck every night around 11:30 or so. I cannot believe how much we drank that summer. Enough for a lifetime but it was great at the time. I have always wanted to get back to Cooke City with my girls to show them where mom and dad lived but have not made it back yet. I will though. I have travelled all over the world on business and Cooke City stands out as one of the most unique and beuitiful places I have ever been. If anyone from the summer of '77 sees this drop me a line..........Dan

Ken Cook- Woorked for Myron Hicks at Cooke Pass in the summers of 62 and 63. Was a young high school kid then, and got drunk for he first time that first year. Did a lot of hiking and fishing, and well, have never forgotten the area or the experience. The range Riders served anyone that could see over the bar in those days, and probably some that couldn't. I loved every minute of my two summers there.

Sandy Johnson Really enjoyed visiting the site. I worked out in Cooke City the summer of 1977. Worked for Gin in her Cafe. We stayed in some little cabins that they also owned. I remember Sue, and Vicki from Beulah ND (?). Myself, Barb Waloch and Kevin Bolander came from ND to work for the summer. There was a family that owned a leather shop from Kansas City. We flew out to visit them once. We Did a lot of partying and dancing at Silver Gate. During the Days off we took horses out for all day rides in the beautiful mountains, Did alot of hiking to the water fall behind the city as well as many other places in the area. Had a great time and made lots of friends that I am no longer in
touch with sorry to say. We had the bear running around during the night as well as a few other animals. Was a great time.

P. Machler You never "leave" Montana, especially Cooke City! If you have ever been lucky enough to live there, for any time at all, your memories by far exceed your stay. Those wonderful memories bring you close to always being there and haunt you to revisit frequently.
In addition to the high country in all its splendor, the "fulltimers" past and present, Darrel and Pat, Jerry and Mary, Marcy and Delmar, Kelly, Wayne, Gary, Vicky, Bertie and Fred, Jeannie, Rickie, Susan, Mike, Larry, Kelly, Joan and Bill, Kenny, Bill and
Betty, Dave, and of course Keith make up the mosaic of personalities you never forget.
My stay was in the early 90's when the mining issue was in full swing, Pat and Darrel sold the All Seasons, Ma Perkins became a "grocery" and my life changed forever.

Bob Desrosiers Hello, I just recently returned from a visit to my sister home in Cody, Wyoming and a visit to a friend's ranch in Sand Coulee, MT.
We visited Cooke City three times in the 4 weeks that we were in the area (8/11/01 - 9/8/01) Cooke City is a beautiful place.....the beartooth highway is indeed the most beautiful scenic highway in the world!
We enjoyed our visit to your town and look forward to being there again someday..............
best wishes to very friendly folks of Cooke City........!
Fall River, Massachusetts

David Menuey- spent summers in Cooke since I was born and moved there to live with my father when I was 11 years old. I attended the same one room school house my dad and his siblings went to. Left Cooke at the age of 20 (1999).
I have worked at the High Country Motel, the Log Cabin Cafe, the Beartooth Cafe, the Pine Tree Cafe, the Soda Butte, Ma Perkins, and Joan and Bill's. I also played guitar and sang at the Range Riders, Log Cabin, and Miner's Saloon from time to time. I've climbed Mt. Republic twice, snowmobiled all over the area, camped, fished, hiked, skied, snowshoed, snowboarded,-- and I know I've seen only a small fraction of what the area has to offer. Cooke City has very little use (tourism excluded) for the world around it
and that makes it a very cozy place to live! P.S. -would love to hear from anyone I knew there! Anyone got a good Beef
Lips story? hehehehehe!

Terry Marshall I've been to Cooke City twice. In the summer of 1984 and again in
1986. Backpacked with a friend through the wilderness to the other side of
the old ghost town of Independence. It will always be one of my fondest
memories. I love this little town and am always hoping to go back. It
reminds me of pictures of the Alps.

Gary Hauck I spent summers in Cooke from '73 ~ '78. My folks Mort & Betty owned several businesses there over the years. I just want to say thanks for your labor of love. It is truly a gift to anyone who was there because.....well, it's Cooke City. My favorite time of my life there had to be summer of '78. God bless all those beautiful girls from Ohio. I just wanted to say thanks!

Anita Harvey
went to silvergate back in 1978 and stayed with the Batemans. Had a crazy old son that went by the name of Bones! lost contact few years back wondering if he still comes around? Will be making the trip back first week of August was hoping to maybe run into him for some good old memoirs.Thanks from the pineywoods of louisiana.

Mary Blain I have operated Blain Gallery, in Cooke City for ten years now, and was
introduced to the area back in 1955 while working for Myron Hicks at his Cooke Pass resort. I spent two summers there,and the summer of 1957 I cleaned cabins for Sam and Euphie Fouse at Shaws Camp in Cooke City,(which was purchased by John and Neva Green a few years later). That summer we had bears raid the garbage cans at night. We lived in the little square cabin up the hill behind the lodge. Coming hame after dark we often tried (unsucessfully), to shoo the bears away so that we wouldn't have to clean up
the mess the next morning. Why do I remember that as being a practical Idea?
My husband and I purchased an old cabin in 1986 and opened Blain Gallery in
1991. It"s a favorite place in the world to me! If you get to Cooke City please stop and see us. Mary Blain

Jack Gibson I was in Cooke City and Silvergate area in early 70's. Did a 2 week walkin
to Grasshopper Glacier and wilderness in August 72' I think. Fell thru a snow covered creek by the lake before the pass to top of glacier. What a time. Woke to bear dung in front of tent one morn. Fishing them little lakes and looking out over gods country. What a time. Left our names in a jar on mound in middle of glacier. That still there if anyone know?Went back year or so later and got married to first wife at a little chapel by a lake between Cooke and Silvergate. Did a honeymoon thing at Range Riders lodge. Think the church was Mt. Republic or something. These place still standing? Wanna see the RR lodge if still there and fine as it was. I want to show the kids this summer what a fine place the tri state area is.There was a "Top of the World" something on the pass to Red Lodge too. That area is my favorite of all the US. Want to come back this August. Would appreciate any update on area.
Regards, your friend in Texas Jack "Buzzy" Gibson

 Roxi Beck    Oh how SWEET IT IS!!!!!  Beautiful, wonderful, and unforgettable COOKE CITY.  I have so many memories of spending a special part of my life there.  It
will always be a better part of my life, and I thank you. Hello to all.   Enjoy a little piece of heaven cause in Cooke City it's right out side your door.

Todd Wilson Hi - I worked at the Beartooth Cafe during the summer of 1992, doing
some waiting and a little cooking. I turned 21 while I was there and celebrated at Miner's Saloon. Man, I was a messed up kid, too, but luckily got my act together. I actually got in a wreck on the highway just north of town while I was there. Is Kelly still running the
Beartooth Cafe? Are the Beef Lips still around? Todd Wilson

Jeff Karasek I waited tables at the "All Seasons Inn." For 3 or 4 Years. The last 2 as the restaurant manager. So I got to know the summer workers from a unique perspective. Please don't call in sick. Please  don't show up drunk. Please be bathed. Oh yes, The good old days. Every day  that I was there I truly felt blessed by just the magnitude of the beauty. I  now am the Beverage manager for 'The Wrigley Mansion Club" in Phoenix Az. I'm always tempted to go back for 1 or 2 more summers since it's so slow at the  mansion. My last year as a drinker was the first summer I spent in Cooke  City. I had lots of great stories about my escapades those last few months.  I've been sober for 7 years now and I feel I went out with a Bang. I would  love to hear from anybody.

Jill Roesler I lived in Silvergate the summer of 97''' and worked for the Pine Edge
Cabins. My boyfriend and I lived in a little shack with one room and a so-called bathroom in the back. I loved the wild but the city life had gotten to me, so I moved back to Billings. I still have a lot of good memories and frequent Cooke City on summer camping trips. Always look for that lil guy that was always at the Miners.....wonder if he's still
around. Well be thru there this weekend so maybe Ill see some familiar faces.

Marie (Harris) Watts, Hi All Cooke City Renegades!
I just read the "Cooke City Page", it's great! I was in Cooke in the Late 1970s and 1980's. I worked for Mort and Betty - when the bar was in the back room and there was no "Elkhorn Saloon" (and now has an even different name and owner), Wayne and Gin
(Before it was "Crazy Mama's, then later Cooke Pass Cafe 2, now?), Davie and whats-his-name that ran the Cooke City Corral Cafe - which is no longer a cafe. Cliff Anderson was a cook at the Cooke City Cafe then. He's dead now. So is Mort. Last time I was there, Betty had changed Ma's into a grocery store.  All those good folks fired me at one time or another, and I don't blame them a bit: I was pretty bad! BUT BOY DID WE HAVE SOME FUN IN COOKE CITY!!!!! 
Does anyone remember Cheyenne, with his trailer, "Turtle"? I guess he bought a motorcycle, changed his name to "Wrench", moved to Red Lodge (or?), got married and started beating up his wife. (That's rumor: I don't know it for a fact, but it fits).
Anyone remember when Stan (Stan the man) cooked at Ma's? He wore jeans
with the knees out, two knives on his belt, motorcycle boots, a sleeveless undershirt, a long pony tail with a headband. He smoked in the kitchen and let the ashes fall onto the grill... Before that the old guy with an old Jeep Wagoneer, Old Bill??? cooked
(and drank) at Ma's. He's gone now too. 
I'll never forget Ma's waitress Jan, careening off the walls between the bar and the cafe. She liked to take her brakes in the bar. Another waitress at Ma's, beautiful, blond Roxie, who's father told her she "was born on a Kansas wheatfield, and would die on a Kansas wheatfield."
Remember Sprout? She worked for Ma's for a LONG time!
What was that guy's name that owned the (Used to be the Watuk) All Seasons Inn - which is now something else? I can't remember his name, but I can remember him running a bunch of us out of his place, and telling us we couldn't "ever come back!!" It had something to do with a broken picture window in front of his building... 
Any one remember Guy and Jim, the twins? Last I heard Jim was a preacher in Great Falls, and Guy lived in the Bitterroot.
Someone out there might remember my son: Jeff Barnett -- he worked at the Cooke City Corral, Bill and Joan's at the Pass, Log Cabin Cafe in Silver Gate, and a bunch of other places over the years. He LOVED Beef Lips -- but so did we all! He was a friend of Vicki and Crazy Bob -- who was later badly injured in a snow mobile accident. 
Also, my daughter Anna -- who was known as Pack-Head at the time, spent
her summers in Cooke. Actually, she also went to school in Gardner one year when we stayed through the Fall. Her first job ever was at the little drive in food place, Two Bears -- was that the name of it? She was about 12.
Do you remember Jim Greenley? He was an outfitter and a bad news guy in
the early '80s. Had a son named Rick, I think. They were from Alaska. Do you remember Kenny Busch -- he tended bar at Mort's. And then there was Rickie, a Hell-raising bartender at Mort's. Can't remember a whole lot about her except her gold tooth, but she sure had some stories to tell!
Remember the cabin on Lulu? I spent one whole summer there, doing laundry in the creek with red water, chasing off souvenir hunters with my .22 rifle, using the mickey-mouse (but cool) sauna, firing up the three, count 'em three wood stoves in the cabin when it got cold. I didn't steal any of the wood stoves, but later on someone else did.
Anyone recall Bill Hansen, Bob Watts, Gene Wade and the mine exploration that took place in the early 80's on Daisy Pass? They used the "Old Post Office" as their headquarters. That was just the beginning of the recent mine fiasco in Cooke City.
Last, but not least, I remember the terrible accident between Cooke City and Silver Gate that took the lives of several young people who were there for the summer -- now there forever.
Well, I want to thank you for getting me to recall the "good old days" at Cooke City. If anyone has any UPDATES on the events and people I knew, I'd LOVE to hear about it!!!! e-mail me at [email protected] Sincerely, Marie (Harris) Watts, also known as "Cooke City Slugger" which in itself indicates some of what was going on during those years.

Ken Vlasak Greetings from Spokane, WA. I delivered bread to Cooke City and northern Yellowstone Park for ten years with Sweetheart Bread, and have great memories of Ralph and Sue (Cooke City Store), Bill and Joan (Bill & Joan's Cafe), and all the great folks of Cooke City. Great to see all who are still alive and kicking. Love ya all. Tell em Ken, Vicky, and all the kids say HI!!!!!

 Mike Kay. Worked for the Bureau of Public Roads in 1965.  It's been many years, but many memories remain of Cooke City. It's hard to explain the effect the town has on a person, but it is genuine.. I remember turning the lights and engine off on the old 55 chevy and coasting downhill to the trash cans on the backside of Shaw's Lodge where we turned the lights back on and watched the bears go crazy. The speed and agility of those animals was impressive. I remember walking an hour in the woods and finding a cabin inhabited with the first Hippies I had ever seen. They were playing a Bob Dylan album on an old record player. True peace was in their hearts. I remember Nick, the Russian man who owned the 76 station. A kind and gentle man. I remember the band Peter and the Wolves who toured the park. I remember "Corky", the local mechanic. I remember the annual "Fish Fry" in Silvergate.  I remember returning to my trailer house after a short absence and lighting a cigarette as I stepped in the door.  The blast from the propane blew me back 20 feet! I remember when the Watuck lodge was built. We were betting that it would never last - being built in that location. We watched dump truck after dump truck depositing their load over the bank for fill. It's now been 35 years and it's still standing strong! My fondest memory has to be of the Cooke City store with Sam Brady and his Sister Betty.

Marcy Porter Hi: I enjoyed your page. Back in the 1950's when I was a young child, my family paid several summer visits to a friend of my Daddy's who owned a motel there in Cooke City. The man's name was Jimmy Beavers, and the motel, I think, was called Beaver Lodge. It backed up to the river, as I recall, and we always stayed in one of the end units that looked back across the mountain. There was a restaurant next door to the motel, and the owners had a little girl about my age. We played down by the river.In the mid-70's, my husband and I and our then-only son visited Cooke City again, but we didn't stay there that time. At that time, I thought I found the place where we used to stay, but I think only about half of it was still there, and I was told there had been a fire years before.As a child, I was fascinated by the general store in Cooke City, because of all the different kinds of items it offered. I think that was just across the street, maybe a bit catty-corner to the motel. The man who ran it at the time wrote my name in calligraphy. Being from a small Texas town, that was the first time I had ever seen anyone do calligraphy.I have many happy memories of visits there, but as you can tell, time has faded the details. I just feel a pleasant glow when I think about it. The whole area is so beautiful. I was in awe of the Beartooth.
The first time we drove over it, my Daddy let out an audible gasp, at one point, having just gotten his first glimpse of Pilot and Index Peaks. It seems he had had a picture, actually of the very scene he was then looking at, on the wall in his office because he thought they were so beautiful, but he had never really been sure where they were. I would like to visit again someday soon. Do you know anything about the Beaver Lodge, or if any part of it is still standing today? Is there another lodging of some sort in that approximate location? I would love to stand by that river and look back at that mountain again. Or maybe I've just put that image together in my head! I'm sure it's all changed after all these years, too, but it is such a pretty picture in my mind's eye.Thank you for your time in reading this note, and for the time it took to put this page together!


Marcy Porter
Pasadena, Texas

Hey, there! Mike and Beth Sawyer worked in Cooke City in the summers of 91 and 93. Mike waited tables at the Beartooth Cafe and bartended at the Miner's Saloon Casino and Emporium. Beth slung pizza's for Larry at Miner's in 93 and at the Beartooth in 91. We now live in Evanston, IL.

Mic Peters. USFS 1992, Hayes KS

Shirley A. Rush I found your photo of Cooke City very interesting. My grandmother's sister was the first white woman born in Cooke City. My great grandmother's husband had owned a hotel and bar there (probably around 1890) and after making a man leave due to drunkeness, the man came back and shot and killed him. My great grandmother's parents had taken her and her sister on a wagon train from Raleigh N.C. after the Civil war. My great grandmother's sister died and is buried somewhere around Mammoth Hot Springs in the park. Needless to say, these stories and Cooke City have been with me for a long time. Thank you for the photo.
Sincerely, Shirley A. Rush
Fairfield, CA

Warren Frame. Worked for the BPR in Cooke in 1965 and 1968. Pablo MT 59855.

Jennifer Lauver I spent the summer of 1994 as a nanny for my aunt, Kathy McNair, who was interning as minister of the Mt. Republic Chapel of Peace between Cooke City and Silvergate!!!  We had the best time, and wish we could go back! Miss everyone there! Anyone remember us? We were the ones who had the country dancing party at Range Riders Lodge.

Ann Baranko. Owned and operated the Ma Perkins Cafe during the 1960's. Puyallup Wa.

David Soker. Worked for the BPR in Cooke in 1965. Denver, Co, 80227.

Connie Hupka (Hyem), Worked for John and Neva Green at Shaw's Lodge, summers of '64 and '65.

Tom Edick. Worked for the BPR in Cooke City in 1965. Head of the Federal Transportation Department. Washington DC.

Steve Anderson. BLM 1978, St Paul MN

Nate Sawyer I doubled as a waiter at the Beartooth Cafe as well as honorary Sheriff in the summer of 93.

Scott Tuenge Great site!! I grew up in Cooke in the early 80's. My mother leased Ma Perkins cafe from Betty and Mort. This site brings back so many memories. Thanks so much!! I will sit here in MN listening to my "Beef Lips" cassete and ALWAYS be thinking of my old "home" (JoAnne Hartman) was my mother.

John Yackey. Worked for BPR in 1965 and 1966.

Phil Neuhoff Worked at the All Seasons Inn during the summer of 1990. Great Time and great People!

Ronald Goyer I too have been to cooke, i worked at Joan and Bills Cafe over the
summer and i also worked in Silvergate at the Pine Edge Cabins. I met some wonderful friends here and i am hoping to go back this summer. it's a beautiful place filled with beautiful people. --emily ke goyer

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