The Jack Williams Gallery
   Jack's art is described as "Primitive Art". His works have been sold around the world, and have been featured on CNN. Jack passed away in 1999. The Gallery is operated daily by his wife "Birdie". Birdie lives in Cooke City year around, and chances are the Gallery is open every day - winter or summer. The value of Jack's work has increased since his passing, and for those interested in a piece of true Montana art, it is important that you understand that there are very few pieces left for purchase. Meeting Birdie Williams just might be the high point of your trip!
 This is the building that houses the Gallery. It was constructed in 1855 by Millie Allen. It has been moved four times, including to it's present location around 1930 - 1931. If you look to the right side of the photo you will see the new log room added to the gallery when Jack became ill. Birdie had the room added to keep Jack more comfortable during his final year. The original gallery, which they lived in, had outdoor plumbing, no running water, and was heated with a wood stove.