Graphics Compression

A picture is worth a thousand words! Unless it takes so long to load that your visitor clicks away in impatience!

We all realize the importance of photos and graphics in our presentations - no matter what medium we are using. The drawback to graphics on the web is the amount of time needed to download these graphics. Society today is expecting "Instant Gratification" and does not have the patience required to download a 125kb file. Before you can say "click", they've done it.

Using the very latest graphics compression technology available today we compress your photos and graphics to a minimum without noticeable loss.

Test Us:

Hale Bopp Photo Original. (155,269 ) jpg

Hale Bopp Photo compressed (25,362) jpg

Remember that once these photos are loaded into your cache, they will load at the same speed. Click on reload to test a second time.

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