P.O. Box 717 / 687 Garfield St Meeker, CO 81641






 Built in 1904 by the same craftsmen as the Redstone
Castle and Denver's Brown Place, the Brick House was
once known as the Joy Inn. From 1917 until 1940, Ada
Mae Joy fed and sheltered travelers between these
sturdy three-brick thick walls.

Ownership has since changed, but many features of the
home remain remarkably well preserved: the worn
kitchen threshold that Ada Mae used to sharpen her
knives is intact, and if you look closely you'll notice a
small pineapple carved into the window frames - a
vintage stamp of hospitality!



 $55.00 for one person, $10.00 for each additional person in room (plus tax)

Sorry, We do not accept Credit Cards. Out of state checks are fine.


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