Anvik River Lodge

Come be part of nature at Anvik River Lodge. Anvik River Lodge is the ultimate pristine Alaskan wilderness adventure. Located 400 miles west of Anchorage and 80 miles from the nearest village, we are the only lodge on the spectacular Anvik River. A tributary to the mighty Yukon, the Anvik runs 120 miles and is abundant with Artic Char, Grayling, Pike, Shee fish and all five species of Salmon.
The Anvik River Lodge is magnificent in it's location and appearance. Every comfort is provided in a rustic homestead atmosphere including an authentic steam lodge and hot tub. Each day will include guided fishing trips on the river or fly-outs for the trophy Pike found in nearby lakes. There are also guided hikes and other activities at the main lodge like fly tying, board games, and plenty of horseshoes thrown in the yard.

The Anvik River Lodge may not be in Paradise, but it is just around the corner.

That's right, we are located just up the river from the

Paradise National Wildlife Preserve. All of our fly-out fishing is in the

nearby Innoko National Wildlife Refuge.