Summer Pack Services

Much of the White River National Forest and Flat Tops Wilderness area is best accessed by horseback. Many trails and high mountain lakes offer a choice of great places to visit in the summer. We will provide pack services to take you and your own gear into the lake or other destination of your choice in our permitted area, then come back and pack you out on a prearranged date. You will appreciate the professionalism of our guides and packers, and the manner in which they handle the horses and pack your gear.

Outfitter Reg # 1159

Saddle Horse.....................$60.00 each per day

Pack Horse........................$60.00 each per day

Packer/guide......................$100.00 each per day

Add $10.00 per horse if destination is other than Marvine Lakes.

You will be charged for the day that you pack in and again for the day you are packed out.

Take a pack trip across the Flat Tops, see the Rocky Mountains above timberline. A four day trip - pack into our Marvine Camp the first morning, fish or relax in the afternoon. Ride across the Flat Tops on the second day and spend the night at another established camp. The third day ride back to the Marvine camp, spend the night and back to the trailhead the morning of the fourth day. You will need your own sleeping bag, personal gear, fishing license, fishing gear and camera. We will furnish the horses, guides, camp and meals.

Flat Tops Trip...........$800 per person

Mail to Adams Lodge

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